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Zimperium for BlackBerry

Zimperium® for BlackBerry delivers continuous and real-time threat protection to mobile devices. It secures devices against known and unknown threats to ensure corporate data, apps, and networks are not compromised by an advanced mobile attack.

Together, BlackBerry and Zimperium® enable enterprises to manage and secure iOS and Android devices against mobile cyberattacks. Zimperium® continuously detects and analyzes threats, and provides BlackBerry with the visibility to enact risk-based policies to remediate against these attacks.

The integrated solution provides IT Security Administrators with a way to safely enable BYOD and strike the balance between empowering mobile worker productivity, while at the same time securing mobile devices against advanced threats.


Zimperium for BlackBerry Solution Brief

The BlackBerry and Zimperium® integrated solution brief provides an overview, key features and benefits of the joint solution. You already manage devices and access today with BlackBerry but need to protect your mobility programs from cyberattacks and OS vulnerabilities.

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