The First Half In Review: The Mobile Threat Landscape of 2022

What has the first half of 2022 held for organizations all over the world attempting to emerge and return to the new version of normal that was created by the digital transformation requirements imposed during the global pandemic? Join us for a discussion of the top mobile threats, mobile threat actors, mobile threat vectors and regional/industry trendlines that connect them all. In particular, we’ll discuss the implications for large enterprises as they tackle the ever increasing mobile attack surface as we summarize what we know so far from our examinations of the mobile threat landscape from the first half of 2022.

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MDM is Not Mobile Security: Why Mobile Threat Defense Achieves What MDM Cannot

There are better ways to provide a frictionless experience while protecting mobile devices from persistent mobile threats and protecting employee privacy. Join Zimperium for a webinar where we’ll discuss:
-How on-device mobile security must go beyond MDMs, MAMs, and more
-How to effectively protect mobile devices against the rise in zero-day threats
-How to reduce friction while protecting your modern workforce
-How to drive adoption and preserve user privacy

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[On-Demand] The Global Mobile Threat Report 2022

Zimperium is releasing a Mobile Threat Report and is hosting a webinar to discuss the critical findings of the report. Tune in to hear exclusive anonymized data on mobile security trends including a regional breakdown of the most critical mobile threats, how enterprise apps put data at risk everyday, and technical deep dives into real-life mobile attack chains. Register now.

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