Cortex® XSOAR Marketplace Top Use Cases Webinar

July 29, 2021 at 12:00pm EDT / 5:00pm UTC+1  |  Join Zimperium & Palo Alto Networks for a Webinar

Developers vs. Hackers: Who is the Biggest Threat to Mobile App Security?

Speakers: Krishna Vishnubhotla, VP of Product Strategy for App Security at Zimperium, and Richard Melick, Director of Product Strategy for […]

From Zero Trust to O365: IT Leader’s Guide for Mobile Security in Financial Services

Speakers: Johnnie Konstantas, GVP of Cloud Security Engineering at Oracle, and JT Keating, SVP of Product Strategy at Zimperium

IDC Demystifies & Prioritizes Zero Trust | Why There Should be Less Hype and More Mobile

Speakers: Phil Hochmuth (Program VP of Enterprise Mobility and Client Endpoint Management, IDC) & Richard Melick (Director of Product Strategy […]

Protecting BYO Mobile Devices within Zero Trust Frameworks | An open discussion with experts from NIST, MITRE and the U.S. DoD

Speakers: Gema Howell (IT Security Engineer, Applied Cybersecurity Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology), Jamie Williams (Cyber Adversarial Engineer, […]

#1 Way to Reduce Mobile Fraud (That You Have Never Heard About)

Speakers: Michiel Kemperman (VP of Sales Engineering, EMEA, Zimperium) & Krishna Vishnubhotla (VP of Product Strategy, Zimperium)

From Telemedicine to O365, Protecting Healthcare Mobile Initiatives

Speakers: Chris Logan (Executive Healthcare Advisor – Global Industries Group, VMware) & JT Keating (SVP of Product Strategy, Zimperium)

Why Are Many Zero Trust Efforts Only 40% Effective? | Mobile Endpoints are Critical to ‘Always Verify, Never Trust’ Security

Speakers: Richard Melick (Director of Product Strategy of Endpoint Security, Zimperium) & Mikel Draghici (Principal Sales Engineer, Zimperium)

Malicious Apps are Attacking Your Mobile App | Here’s How to Fight Back & Win

Speakers: JT Keating (SVP of Product Strategy, Zimperium) & Krishna Vishnubhotla (VP of Product Strategy, Zimperium)

Special Analysis: Unsecured Cloud Configurations Exposing Information in Thousands of Mobile Apps

Speakers: Jon Paterson, Zimperium’s CTO, & JT Keating, Zimperium’s SVP of Product Strategy