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Major Global Airline Adopts Mobile-First Security Strategy

With over 125,000 devices in use—including employee-owned, corporate-issued, and specialty devices—the airline recognized the significant challenge of maintaining visibility and protection for such a vast number of devices. See how Zimperium MTD helped a major global airline solve this challenge.

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Zimperium Secures Connected Apps for Leading Medical Device Manufacturer

For this leading medical device manufacturer, when a mobile app is compromised the consequences can be dire: life can be lost, FDA approval can be withdrawn making it impossible for the product to be sold, or proprietary IP can be stolen. Thanks to Zimperium’s zKeyBox and zShield, their mobile applications are more resilient to inspection, tampering, and IP theft. Download our case study today.

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Softpay Secures Mobile Payments for Retailers with Zimperium MAPS

Softpay made headlines when their solution helped 7-Eleven circumvent a cyberattack. Find out how Softpay’s due diligence and their existing partnership with Zimperium helped thwart the attack on 7-Eleven and prevented the closure of all their Danish stores for weeks. Download our case study today.

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MYPINPAD secures SoftPOS for PCI certification with Zimperium MAPS

MYPINPAD utilized Zimperium’s industry-leading Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) to protect their cryptographic keys, their code, and their application. As a leading mobile payment security provider, Zimperium enables teams to take a comprehensive, holistic approach to mobile payment security. With MAPS, enterprises are able to see and respond to threats […]

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Protecting Keys For Secure Passwordless Authentication

Zimperium’s white-box cryptography library was embedded into ToothPic’s Key Protection SDK to secure keys from exposure and exfiltration. Today, ToothPic’s SDK is used in digital banking, digital signature, crypto exchange, crypto wallet, and many more applications, making them immune from malware and SIM-swap scams.

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Why SoftPOS Vendors Are Embracing Zimperium’s Application Security

Halo Dot has chosen to use Zimperium’s enterprise-grade Mobile Application Security Suite (MAPS) to achieve their security goals. Zimperium MAPS allows Halo Dot to deliver their SoftPOS application and Software Development Kit (SDK) to their customers at the best price point in a hyper-competitive and rapidly evolving SoftPOS space.

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