Zimperium Delivers Advanced Integration of Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) with Samsung

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Integration Provides Unmatched Detection, Remediation and Forensics of Mobile Threats for Samsung Mobile Devices.

DALLAS, April 23, 2020 – Zimperium, the global leader in mobile threat defense (MTD), announced today zIPS with Samsung Knox, an extension to zIPS for Samsung devices, leveraging advanced on-device threat detection and remediation capabilities enabled by the Samsung Knox Platform. 

The Knox Platform for Enterprise provides best-in-class multi-layer security on an Android device,” said Jon Paterson, Chief Technology Officer at Zimperium. “Zimperium uses the features and functions of the Samsung Knox for Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) capabilities to offer advanced and granular detections with associated detailed forensics, comprehensively leveraging the depth of the Knox security platform. Combined with the defense layers of Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) from the silicon to software, Zimperium’s on-device, enterprise grade MTD solution provides the most comprehensive security on a mobile device from active risks and threats.” 

zIPS with Samsung Knox combines Zimperium’s granular, enterprise group-based policy advantages with KPE’s enhanced remediations. Based on privacy/security/compliance policies, administrators select the on-device KPE remediations they would like performed for each threat and device group in the zIPS management console, zConsole. 

“A device protected by zIPS with Samsung Knox may be the most secure device there is for a security-conscious organization,” said Nick Dawson, Global Head of B2B Solution Sales at Samsung Electronics. “For all threats detected, zIPS with Samsung Knox provides the most granular and detailed threat forensics and remediation available today, which is in large part thanks to Zimperium.”

zIPS with Samsung Knox’s enhanced remediation options include: 

  • Isolating malicious apps or processes from the network;
  • Uninstalling or preventing the installation of malicious apps; and 
  • Customizing data leakage prevention (DLP) actions to prevent unauthorized data exfiltration on compromised devices, such as: 
    • Restricting Bluetooth sharing;
    • Preventing SD card transfers;
    • Limiting access to the clipboard; and
    • Disabling screen captures. 

“The potential cyberattack surface has grown exponentially as enterprises make more assets and access available on mobile devices,” said Akhil Bhutani, Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Development, at Zimperium. “zIPS with Samsung Knox allows enterprises to protect attacks from phishing, false networks, malicious/leaky apps, and device compromises with more granular detections and detailed forensics which are critical to the security operations of an organization.”

To learn more about zIPS with Samsung Knox, click here.

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