Zimperium Fuels Advanced Mobile Threat Defense with Next Generation zIPS

Enterprise grade, real-time protection against Wi-Fi and network threats

  • Network threats are 65% of mobile threats detected by Zimperium
  • Danger Zone™ provides users with information on nearby Wi-Fi networks and their potential risk
  • Activity Monitor™ feature provides real-time information about activity on their device

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 10, 2017 — Zimperium, the industry leader in enterprise mobile threat defense (MTD) and the only provider of real-time on-device protection against known and unknown threats, today introduced two new advanced features for its next generation on-device detection solution, zIPS™. The new features provide mobile device users with valuable risk information related to the Wi-Fi networks around a device, as well as comprehensive threat data on the devices, networks and applications.

Zimperium’s zIPS solution already provides enterprise-grade comprehensive protection for iOS and Android devices, using machine learning engines to detect abnormalities.

With Danger Zone™, users have real-time information on nearby Wi-Fi networks and their potential risk via a map view. Users can determine which networks they should avoid. If a user does connect to a potential high-risk network, an alert and a recommendation to disconnect from the network will be sent. If a subsequent network attack is detected, the threat detection information and risk profile is then provided to other Zimperium users advising of a new Wi-Fi risk.

With Activity Monitor™, real-time information is provided so users can track scans and security checks performed on their devices, the networks they attach to and the applications on the device.

These new features can prevent a hacker from even having the opportunity to weaponize a device as users become more diligent with respect to this most-attacked surface, the Wi-Fi networks.

“Despite traditional threat intelligence reports that mischaracterize mobile security as just a malware problem, about 65% of all mobile threats our customers receive are network in nature, most of them on a Wi-Fi connection,” said John Michelsen, chief product officer at Zimperium. “Not only does zIPS secure iOS and Android devices in real time while preserving a user’s experience and privacy, it goes a step further now to inform the user of dangerous Wi-Fi networks. Corporate data traffic is increasingly flowing directly from mobile to the cloud, bypassing any enterprise security completely.”

Visit Zimperium at the RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco, February 13-17th, Booth #N4710 to demo these new features and the zIPS app or request a meeting.

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Zimperium, the industry leader in Mobile Threat Defense, offers real-time, on-device protection against both known and previously unknown threats, enabling detection and remediation of attacks on all three mobile threat vectors – Device, Network and Applications. Zimperium’s patented z9™ detection engine uses machine learning to power zIPS™, mobile on-device Intrusion Prevention System app, and zIAP™, an embedded, In-App Protection SDK that delivers self-protecting iOS and Android apps.

Leaders across the mobile ecosystem partner with Zimperium, including mobile operators (Airtel, Deutsche Telekom, SmarTone, SoftBank and Telstra), device manufacturers (Samsung, SIRIN, TriGem), and leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers (AirWatch, MobileIron, BlackBerry, Citrix and SAP). Headquartered in San Francisco, Zimperium is backed by Sierra Ventures, Samsung, Telstra, Warburg Pincus and SoftBank. Learn more at www.zimperium.com or our official blog at https://blog.zimperium.com.

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