2017 Mobile Security Trends Report Find Out What Nearly 2000 Security Professionals Say About Mobile Security

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2016 North American Machine Learning-based Mobile Threat Detection Technology Innovation Award

Frost & Sullivan’s independent analysis clearly shows that by virtue of its ability to integrate a best-in-class behavioral analytics engine based on machine learning algorithms into a mobile threat detection management solution, the z9™ technology has obtained a huge advantage over its competitors.

Zimperium® aims to plug mobile security leaks with automated threat prevention

Download the SWOT Analysis on Zimperium®. Find out how to safeguard valuable corporate and personal data.

On the Radar: Zimperium® Provides Mobile Threat Protection

Ovum's On the Radar report describes Zimperium® Mobile Threat Protection and states why you should evaluate its technology.

Zimperium® is an IDC Innovator in Cloud Enabled Mobile Security Products for 2016

The IDC Innovators excerpt provides an overview on Zimperium's technology and why it separates itself from the pack.