Zimperium is Honored to Protect U.S. Department of Defense Mobile Devices

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Zimperium is Honored to Protect U.S. Department of Defense Mobile Devices

As you may have seen in the news, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), through its Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), selected Zimperium to deliver comprehensive Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) to service members around the world. Our mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions will protect DoD mobile endpoints against phishing, malicious/risky apps, OS exploits and network attacks. You can read the official news release here.

On behalf of the entire Zimperium team, I would like to personally thank DISA, DIU and the DoD overall for selecting Zimperium for this great honor.

A Watershed Moment for Mobile/Endpoint Security

This is not only an important milestone for Zimperium, but also a watershed moment for the mobile (MTD) and traditional endpoint security (EPP/EDR) markets overall. To support that point, let’s first look at the two primary reasons why the DoD initiated the MEP program in the first place.

“Mobile First”– For many of its users, the DoD believes mobile devices will be the primary endpoints for productivity and communication in the future. The DoD position is consistent with industry data showing the majority of endpoints accessing corporate and agency data are now mobile… and that even more will be so in the future.

“Clear & Present Danger” The MEP also reinforces DoD is clear that mobile threats are very real and increasing exponentially. Our data (and that of other public and private research teams) proves this too. Zimperium is protecting thousands of businesses and agencies around the world, and 100 percent of our enterprise customers have detected threats including compromised and jailbroken devices, mobile phishing campaigns, malicious/risky apps and network attacks. As just one example, we detected a 6x increase in phishing sites from 1Q to 2Q/2020 alone. Not only is mobile the new endpoint, but the new endpoint is under attack.

A Milestone for Zimperium

To recap, one of the most sophisticated organizations in the world acknowledges mobile devices are endpoints, and that those endpoints need to be protected from an increasing barrage of attacks. 

And, after a comprehensive evaluation of all the leading solutions and a multi-year pilot, that same sophisticated organization selected Zimperium to protect all of their mobile endpoints. Not only did it select Zimperium over all other standalone MTD solutions, but also over any extensions into mobile by traditional endpoint security solutions. While mobile devices are endpoints, they are very different architecturally and need solutions built with those differences in mind.

According to the release, the agencies selected Zimperium for many reasons, including:

  • Superior Detection: 
    • Ability to detect both known and unknown threats across all threat vectors (device, network, phishing and malicious apps);
    • On-device detection without the delays and risks of cloud-based lookups; and
    • Detailed forensics, with an unmatched view into app and device risks.
  • Flexible & Secure Deployments:
  • Proven on-prem deployments in government data centers; and
  • FedRAMP ATO option (future-proofing).
  • Strong Operational Fit:
    • Unmatched enterprise capabilities, e.g., multi-UEM, group-based policies, CAC support, threat intelligence integrations and RBAC;
    • Demonstrated success in large scale implementations;
    • Support, deployment and engagement models and experience; and
    • Privacy controls and configurations.

Summary & Additional Thanks

So why do I refer to this as a watershed moment in mobile and endpoint security? Because one of the most technical and respected organizations in the world:

  1. Expects mobile devices to be the majority of endpoints going forward;
  2. Recognizes that mobile threats are clear and present dangers that must be stopped; and 
  3. Selected the leading enterprise MTD vendor, Zimperium — reinforcing that mobile security requires an unique approach and not a simple extension of traditional endpoint (EPP/EDR) security approaches.

Mobile endpoints are under attack and require a mobile-first solution for maximum protection.

And according to the U.S. Department of Defense, Zimperium provides the best mobile-first solution available.

Speaking of Zimperium, I would like to also sincerely thank Zimperium’s incredible employees and investors. As your CEO, I am very grateful for your hard work and incredibly proud that your efforts have made Zimperium the gold standard for mobile security.

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