Zimperium Featured in Silicon Review’s Asian Edition of Top 10 Best Security Companies 2019

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Silicon Review’s Asian Edition has named Zimperium to its list of top ten best security companies of 2019.

The annual list appears in April’s Asian Edition of Silicon Review and highlights companies at the forefront of providing security for businesses worldwide. Zimperium is the only company on the list focusing on mobile threat defense (MTD).  

“We are addressing the critical security gap challenges that enterprise organizations and government agencies are facing with employees conducting business on or through their own or company/government provided mobile devices,” said Michael Callahan, Zimperium’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The Zimperium platform leverages our award-winning, disruptive and patented machine learning-based engine – called z9 – to protect mobile data, apps and sessions against device compromises, network attacks, phishing attempts and malicious apps.”

Zimperium’s CEO – Shridhar Mittal – is interviewed in the magazine. When asked about the impact of cloud and big data on a company’s IT infrastructure, Shridhar said, “As more resources and corporate information is moved to the cloud, it will be accessed by various endpoint devices.  While there are protections in place to ensure traditional endpoints are secure as part of the access very little if any protections are in place for mobile endpoints (i.e. phones and tablets). So the IT security infrastructure, specifically mobile security, must adapt accordingly.”

Shridhar’s complete interview can be found here.


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Author: Andy Shane

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