Keeping Texas Secure: Zimperium Earns Highest Level of TX-RAMP Certification

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Zimperium has a long history of helping government organizations protect the mobile devices that are becoming an increasingly important part of daily life for our communities and the workers in the public sector who serve them. In 2019, we became the first Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution to achieve FedRAMP authorization, and we’re continuing that commitment with our most recent certification, clearing our solutions for use by government agencies in our home state of Texas.

The Texas Risk and Authorization Management Program, or TX-RAMP, took effect earlier this year. It provides a standardized approach for security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring of cloud computing services that process, store, or transmit the data of a state agency. That means any department, commission, board, office, council, authority, or other agency in the executive or judicial branch of the Texas state government that is created by the constitution or a statute of the state, including a university system or institution of higher education.

Zimperium is certified at TX-RAMP Level 2, which is the highest level of certification and is required for any cloud computing service that processes, stores, or transmits agency data determined to be confidential and determined to be a moderate or high-impact information resource.

Zimperium Mobile Endpoint Cyber Security is a Cloud-based application deployed on the AWS GovCloud infrastructure, which, when combined with the Zimperium mobile application (zIPS), provides a comprehensive MTD solution. Zimperium’s Amazon GovCloud-based application provides security teams with visibility on the threats and vulnerabilities across all mobile devices in an organization to assess organization risk, identify security gaps and remediate. The zIPS on-device app incorporates machine learning techniques to detect anomalies to the mobile device’s operating system’s statistics, memory, CPU, and other system parameters and accurately identify not only the specific type of malicious attack but also the forensics associated with the who, what, where, when, and how of an attack occurrence.

Mobile devices have become a central part of life and business. In some instances, government organizations will provide employees with the phones, tablets, or Chromebooks they need to do their job. And in many other instances, public sector employees – just like their private sector counterparts – will install email or other work applications on their personal devices. In either scenario, those devices will process, store and transmit sensitive government data, so they need to be protected.

With limited IT and security staff and resources available to government entities, protecting mobile devices and data poses a significant challenge. However, Zimperium makes it simple. Installing zIPS on an Android, iOS, or Chromebook device provides autonomous threat detection and remediation against device, network, phishing, and malicious app attacks.

With Zimperium’s MTD solution certified by TX-RAMP, we’re proud that we can offer the people of our home state the same advanced protection that leading organizations across the globe – from Fortune 500 companies to nation-states and municipalities – use to keep their data and devices safe. We’re also building on a longstanding track record and commitment to partnering with government organizations on initiatives like Michigan Secure, NYC Secure, and LA Secure to keep their residents safe, and we look forward to bringing this same level of security to the people of Texas.

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Jim Kovach
Author: Jim Kovach
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