Zimperium Announces Government User Group

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The modern public sector organization faces an increasingly sophisticated array of cyber threats, putting critical data and infrastructure constantly at risk. The recently distributed workforce only increases these threat vectors, especially with the implementation and adoption of mobile endpoints. Whether the agency has adopted bring your own device (BYOD), government furnished equipment (GFE), corporate-owned personally-owned (COPE), or a combination of mobile endpoint policies, the fact is the convenience of these small devices makes them permanent additions to employee workflows and data access.

As a pioneer and industry leader in mobile security, we help customers account, daily, for the technological impact these endpoints have had and will continue to have on government agencies.

President Biden’s recent Executive Order focuses on the need for Zero Trust architectures, meaning that agencies need to advance beyond legacy toolsets like MDMs, VPNs, and MFAs and integrate services to provide complete device attestation and integrity.  NIST 800-124r2 and SP 1800-22 offer specific guidance supporting this direction.  CMMC compliance anchors on NIST 800-171r2 which now includes the requirement to address threat protection for mobile devices.  FY21 FISMA reporting identifies mobile threat defense (MTD) coverage as a requirement for BYOD and GFE.  Zimperium is here to help navigate all this compliance and assist in the security mission of our customers.

To continue serving our public sector customers, we are thrilled to announce zGov™, our invite-only Linkedin User Group exclusive for our United States government customers and contractors. Our intent for this new User Group is to offer a meaningful and educational experience on all relevant mobile security topics, including mobile device and application security, thought leadership, exclusive security expert access, and of course, Zimperium best practices, product tips and tricks, and mobile security threat research.

The mobile security space can sometimes include confusing messages and oversold technological capabilities. We believe there is a need to come together, share ideas among trusted advisors, and work towards a security mindset that meets the goals of our customers. As the leading provider of mobile threat defense, we are here to advise, guide, and support our public sector customers as they navigate through the ever-changing security landscape as they adopt advanced mobile threat defense into their security ecosystem.

Whether you represent the security team for one of the three-letter agencies or manage the technology of the local municipality, the Zimperium Public Sector team is excited to invite you to the zGov™ community. We will host our first virtual gathering on September 1st, 2021. To RSVP, please e-mail jim.kovach@zimperium.com to secure your spot.

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Jim Kovach
Author: Jim Kovach
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