Zimperium and Ping Identity Extend Zero Trust Controls to the Most Vulnerable Endpoint: Mobile

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Integration of Zimperium’s mobile device risk attestation into the PingFederate platform enables real-time Zero Trust authorizations and access to corporate resources

Zimperium is excited to announce a partnership with Ping Identity, enhancing Zero Trust architectures by delivering comprehensive mobile risk posture data to enable joint customers to implement more robust controls and policies to provide end-users with clear, actionable alerts directing them to resolve security or compliance issues. With the real-time mobile threat detection, notification, and response from Zimperium and the PingFederate architecture and enterprise workflows, security teams can ensure mobile endpoint coverage is an integral part of their Zero Trust security posture.

The established perimeters around corporate devices have faded away, replaced by an ever-mobile distributed workforce with global access into enterprise assets. Increased connectivity and data availability enable organizations to grow and evolve beyond a physical location’s confines while minimizing the friction an employee would typically experience in this new, spread-out workspace. For enterprises to securely enable employees to access the data they need on the devices they use the most, Zero Trust must be enabled with advanced mobile threat defense.

Ping Identity, the Intelligent Identity solution for the enterprise, believes zero trust technology is essential to securing business and consumers in an increasingly connected world. And Zimperium’s integration into the PingFederate platform provides joint customers with enhanced controls, addressing the mobile device’s security posture by providing the granular telemetry data back to the Ping Identity Zero Trust architecture.

Using Zimperium’s patented on-device, machine learning-based mobile security technology, the integration enhances Ping Identity’s existing mobile endpoint identity management and access controls. Joint customers will be protected against targeted mobile risks and attacks and will immediately experience the benefits of enhanced Zero Trust capabilities and workflows, such as:

  • Broadest range of mobile risk and threat-based detection in the industry;
  • Real-time conditional access across all mobile devices and accounts across a broad range of apps and services;
  • Direct user feedback on detected risks within the protected app (where applicable)
  • Defined access policies best suited for the environment; and
  • Reduced attack surface through mobile endpoint access and authorization controls.

“Due to the rise in distributed work and bring your own device policies, the average enterprise is not securing 60% of the connected devices in their network – mobile endpoints,’ said Jon Paterson, CTO of Zimperium. “The integration between Zimperium and Ping Identity not only brings those devices into the security fold, but it also enhances mobile Zero Trust controls, minimizing mobile risks and attack surfaces.”

This integration between Zimperium and Ping Identity enables enterprises to evolve and scale without sacrificing their security posture. By enhancing existing mobile endpoint identity management and access tools, security operations teams can understand their whole risk posture and raise their mobile security confidence on managed and unmanaged mobile devices.

“Identity is the new perimeter that enterprises need to secure, and the best way to effectively do that is to leverage a zero trust approach that unifies mobile threat defense with strong authentication,” said Loren Russon, vice president of product management at Ping Identity. “Our integration with Zimperium will make zero trust implementation easy for security teams to deliver a more seamless and secure user experience.”

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Attend our webinar on April 29th at 11am EDT to see a how Zimperium enhances Zero Trust architecture on mobile endpoints.

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