SoftBank goes live with Security Checker, Powered by ZIMPERIUM™

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Mobile devices are critical in today’s connected business world. Yet, very few companies have visibility into mobile platforms to identify cyberattacks, vulnerabilities and unknown threats targeting their customers’ personal data and confidential business information.

Softbank gets

As the third largest public company in Japan, SoftBank is a Japanese multinational telecommunications and Internet corporation that has seen massive growth recently, increasing its market capitalization by 557 percent in just five years.

SoftBank is now rolling out “Security Checker powered by ZIMPERIUM,” an application for mobile iOS devices that incorporates our AI-powered threat detection engine that’s built to detect both known and unknown threats, to all of its customers in Japan.  

EVP Eric Gan @softbank said that “As the industry evolves and new risks continue to be exposed, strong mobile security continues to be a top priority for our customers. That’s why we’re teaming up with a trustworthy partner like Zimperium and rolling out secure solutions immediately so that we can provide our customers with an application that protects their devices against both known and unknown security threats.”

To kick off the launch, our team including CEO Shridhar Mittal, and Zuk Avraham, our CTO and founder, spent last week with SoftBank’s executives in Japan.

SoftBank is the fifth mobile operator to launch mobile security apps with Zimperium’s technology to power their security solutions. Earlier this year, Deutsche Telekom, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, announced the launch of Mobile Protect Pro, Powered by ZIMPERIUM as their security initiative to secure millions of endpoints. We also proudly work with SmarTone, Airtel and Telstra.Check them out on the Google Play store.

@Zimperium, we look forward to working with SoftBank and other advanced thinking mobile operators globally to help secure the world’s mobile business devices. Security Checker is available in the Japanese Apple App Store.

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