See it for Yourself: Mobile Phishing and Malware Attacks on Remote Workers

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I recently had the opportunity to host an interactive webinar with Ryan Pringnitz, a senior consultant at Workspace ONE and Kern Smith, Zimperium’s VP of Sales Engineering – Americas on the challenges enterprises are facing with mobile phishing and malware attacks on remote workers. 

During the webinar – which you can view in its entirety here – Ryan and Kern demonstrated real world phishing and malware attacks and showed how enterprises can benefit from using the best of breed mobile threat defense (MTD) and unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions to create unified endpoint security (UES)–the ability to see and remediate all threats – traditional and mobile – from “one pane of glass.”

Phishing and malware attacks are real and here

Sparking the idea for this webinar are the increases we are seeing – since the pandemic drove workforces home – in phishing, malware and mobile threats in general: 

  • 100% increase in the global daily average of detected threats.
  • A dramatic shift in attack detection locations.
  • More than 18 million daily malware and phishing emails related to COVID-19 scams were seen by Google in just one week
  • z9, our machine learning-based malware technology, has detected multiple malicious apps related to COVID-19 prevention. 

  • As of March 30th, 334 apps had been removed from Google and Apple app stores for attempting to capitalize on the pandemic.
  • An exponential (40x) increase in the number of sideloaded apps. 
  • Our Advanced Application Analysis solution detected hundreds of legitimate apps related to COVID-19 with security or privacy risks.

Demonstrating & stopping mobile phishing and malware attacks

What follows are video clips from the webinar where Kern and Ryan show different kinds of phishing and malware attacks and how enterprises benefit by using Zimperium’s zIPS and Workspace ONE: 

Here, Kern shows why a phishing email could fool individuals and how the combination of zIPS and Workspace ONE can help.

YouTube video

Phishing doesn’t just occur through emails. Here we show an example on WhatsApp. 

YouTube video

zIPS and Workspace ONE UEM can also detect and remediate against malware. Here we show how we remove an app that contains malware and have it reprovisioned and reauthenticated, automatically. 

YouTube video

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VMware and Zimperium have successfully protected enterprises around the world from phishing and malware attacks. If you’d like to learn more about the way Zimperium and VMware can help you unify endpoint management and security, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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