New Year, New Hires, New Devices: Kick Start the Year with Endpoint Security

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As we welcome the new year, businesses around the world are gearing up for growth and expansion. One critical aspect of growth is hiring new employees, who will need access to different devices and networks to complete their tasks effectively. However, with this growth comes the need to protect valuable data and networks from cyber threats, which are constantly evolving and getting more sophisticated. As a result, mobile endpoint security has become a top priority for IT departments. Let’s dive into some of the threats mobile devices can face and explore how Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) can help enterprises protect your enterprise. 

Why Mobile Security Matters

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our everyday lives and almost everything we do is now done on our mobile devices. Businesses have capitalized on this trend by allowing employees to use their personal phones, tablets, and laptops for work. Imagine your new hire is using their personal phone to access company emails or other confidential documents. If their device is compromised due to a lack of proper security measures, all that sensitive information can easily fall into the wrong hands. This puts both your company’s data and reputation at risk.

According to Verizon’s 2023 Mobile Security Index, mobile app threats increased by over 30% between the first half of 2022 and the first half of 2023. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in mobile devices, and in 2022, Verizon found more than 50% of personal devices were exposed to a mobile phishing attack, per the reports findings. This is why IT decision-makers must ensure that their devices are secured against any and all emerging threats.

Threats to Mobile Devices

Threats to mobile devices not only compromise personal information but can also disrupt an entire company’s system and network. Let’s delve into some threats that our beloved mobile devices are susceptible to.

Malware Attacks: With the rise in popularity of mobile apps, malicious actors have found a new way to target unsuspecting users. Malware such as viruses, trojans, adware, and spyware can infect your device through seemingly harmless apps or links. Once installed, they can steal your personal information or even take control of your device.

Data Breaches: The amount of sensitive data stored on our smartphones is alarming – from credit card numbers to login credentials for various accounts. This makes them an attractive target for hackers looking to steal valuable data or sell it on the dark web. Data breaches on popular apps like Instagram and WhatsApp have put millions of users at risk in recent years.

Phishing Scams: Phishing is a social engineering attack where scammers try to trick people into giving away their personal information by posing as legitimate entities such as banks or government agencies through emails or messages. Mobile devices are particularly vulnerable since we tend to access these messages while multitasking and may not pay close attention before clicking on suspicious links.

Outdated Software: Regular software updates not only provide new features but also patch any security vulnerabilities that may have been discovered. Ignoring these updates leaves your device exposed to potential threats.

Comprehensive Mobile Security

Securing your company’s network should include comprehensive measures that cover all points of entry – including employee-owned mobile devices. It not only protects your data but also shows a level of care and responsibility towards your employees, which can boost their productivity and morale. So, investing in mobile security for new hires is not an option anymore; it’s a necessity to stay ahead of potential cyber threats in today’s digital landscape.

Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) is a privacy-first application that provides comprehensive mobile security for enterprises. It is designed to protect corporate-owned and/or BYO (bring-your-own) devices from advanced persistent threats across four categories: device, network, phishing, and app attacks. Zimperium MTD provides real-time, on-device protection by leveraging our Dynamic Detection Engine to detect and prevent attacks before they can harm your devices.

With the increasing number of mobile devices in the enterprise, mobile endpoint security has become a top priority. Fortunately, Zimperium MTD offers an effective solution that enables IT teams to protect corporate-owned and/or BYO (bring-your-own) devices from advanced persistent threats. The comprehensive protection offered by Zimperium’s MTD ensures that your enterprise is protected from malware, credential theft, ransomware, and phishing attempts. With zero touch deployment, Zimperium removes any and all complicated activation steps, giving you the plug-and-protect functionality you need. Contact Zimperium to learn how you can unwrap the gift of mobile endpoint security with Zimperium’s MTD today!

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Melissa Gaffney is part of the marketing team at Zimperium. She has six years of experience within cybersecurity and has previously worked for McAfee, Trellix and Kryptowire. She is a cybersecurity evangelist and has written many blogs and bylines on industry related topics.

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