Does Your BYOD Policy Allow Bad Apps

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BYOD policies enable economies of scale but also introduce vulnerabilities to the enterprise. Many employees unknowingly bring malicious apps to work compromising identities and enabling conduits for spies. But what is the effect of BYOD on enterprise security? What are the best-practice BYOD security policies for organizations looking to embrace this new trend?

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Mobile devices today provide employees with an extreme level of convenience. Mobile applications are everywhere. They have permeated the workforce. Employees use business and personal apps to send messages, attend conference calls, play games and access corporate systems. While it is true that strict BYOD policies and basic app management may provide some level of security, IT Security Administrators know that existing market solutions leave fundamental gaps.

Join John Michelsen, Chief Products Officer at Zimperium, on Tuesday, February 24 to discuss some common pitfalls with enabling private devices with corporate privileges.

Webinar Agenda:

– Managing user privacy at Work
– How to limit vulnerabilities with BYOD
– Popular unsecure apps employees bring inside the perimeter

Date: Tuesday, February 24
Time: 1:00 PM US Central (2:00 Eastern)
Duration: 45 minutes
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