5 Must-Have Sections For Every Enterprise Mobile Security RFP – Must-Have #1: Advanced, Purpose-Built Threat Detection

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Our first free webinar in our series of The 5 Must-Have Sections for Every Enterprise Mobile Security Request For Proposal (RFP)” deals with Advanced, Purpose-Built Threat Detection, and took place on June 19, 2019.

Mobile operating systems (OSs) are fundamentally different from other endpoint OSs. The reality is, mobile devices are now the de facto platform for productivity in business. Today, the traditional computing devices (e.g., servers, desktops and laptops) upon which enterprises have focused their security and compliance efforts represent only 40 percent of the relevant endpoints. The remaining 60 percent of devices are mobile.

Organizations and government agencies are realizing mobile devices are an unprotected endpoint with access to or containing all of the information of a traditional endpoint.  And while there are some overlaps in what you protect – email, calendars, etc., – the way you solve the traditional endpoint security problem is completely different than how you solve the mobile security problem.

Simply porting a security solution developed for a different platform over to mobile is inadequate and can leave your enterprise vulnerable. JT Keating, Vice President of Product Strategy and someone who has responded to literally hundreds of RFPs, led the session and answered questions.

Watch the on-demand webinar and learn how to develop an RFP that avoids the pitfalls of ported or non-purpose-built solutions.

Effective enterprise mobile security requires a purpose-built solution that:

  • Can protect mobile devices against known and unknown threats;
  • Operates effectively even when an attacker controls the network; and
  • Learns and adapts to threats as they arise in the real world
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Author: Andy Shane

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