Zimperium Collaborates with AirWatch to Combat Advanced Targeted Attacks on Mobile Devices

Leading advanced threat detection from Zimperium with enterprise mobility management from AirWatch to defend against data breaches

SAN FRANCISCO – SEPTEMBER 09, 2014 – Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense is available today through AirWatch Marketplace, giving enterprises a security solution that defends mobile devices against both known and unknown threats. AirWatch, a leader in enterprise mobility management, develops solutions that empower companies to focus on innovative uses of mobile technology rather than dealing with the complexities of managing mobility. Zimperium is the leader in advanced mobile threat defense. Used with AirWatch, it can provide customers with unparalleled protection for mobile devices against advanced attacks targeted to steal corporate data.

To start a free trial of Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense, visit: https://www.zimperium.com/zMTD2.0-evaluation.php

Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense provides enterprises the following solutions to defend the modern mobile workplace:

zIPS™, the world’s first mobile intrusion prevention system (Mobile IPS) that defends devices against both network and host cyberattacks wherever they go.
zCONSOLE™, a mobile threat management platform to monitor security incidents on zIPS™-protected mobile devices with unprecedented forensic detail.
zANTI™, a mobile penetration testing toolkit that lets security managers assess the risk level of a network with the push of a button, and even simulates an advanced attacker to identify the techniques they can use to compromise the corporate network.
zIPS™’ on-device mobile security solution uses behavior-based analytics to detect network and host- based attacks without requiring root privileges. Unlike other solutions that analyze predefined threats in the cloud, which can drain a device’s battery, zIPS™ operates effectively on AirWatch-managed devices without affecting the user’s experience. Businesses can also easily deploy zIPS™ onto employees’ devices through the AirWatch-managed app store, enabling customers to protect their devices from advanced cyberattacks. Once deployed, managers gain unprecedented zIPS™-protected devices with the zCONSOLE™ dashboard.

“The shift to secure mobile devices requires more modern approaches than used for other IT systems, said John Marshall, senior vice president and general manager, AirWatch by VMware. “We are dedicated to providing secure protection of data, no matter where it’s shared. By adding Zimperium’s advanced mobile threat protection, we are extending our ecosystem of partners to provide customers with an additional layer of security to contain and protect data from cyber threats they might encounter.”

“Malicious actors are switching from PCs to attacking mobile devices. Advanced hackers target key employees via spear-phishing emails or while working outside of the corporate network at places like airports,” said Zuk Avraham, founder and CEO of Zimperium. “Zimperium’s Mobile IPS monitors for both known and unknown malicious activity on the device using its behavioral engine – providing an additional layer of security for AirWatch managed mobile devices.”

About Zimperium
Zimperium is a leading enterprise mobile threat protection provider. Only the Zimperium platform delivers continuous and real-time threat protection to both devices and applications. With Zimperium, businesses protect devices and apps against known and unknown cyberattacks from a single platform to boost mobile productivity, while safeguarding employee, customer and company data. Serving global organizations at enterprise scale, Zimperium’s award-winning solution is based on a disruptive, on-device detection engine that uses patented, machine learning technology to protect against the broadest array of mobile attacks. Headquartered in San Francisco, Zimperium is backed by major investors including Samsung, Telstra and Sierra Ventures. Learn more at www.zimperium.com or our official blog at https://blog.zimperium.com.

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