Zimperium Boosts Visibility into Mobile Threat Detection and Remediation Landscape With New Product Features

3.1 Mobile Threat Protection Suite Delivers Advanced App Analysis through OEM partnership with Mi3 Security

SAN FRANCISCO — October 4, 2016 — Zimperium, Inc. announced today a new version of its leading enterprise mobile threat protection solution. Version 3.1 is available now and includes seven new features to better protect enterprises from known and unknown cyberattacks on mobile devices, networks and applications.

“Mobile malware and ransomware have significantly increased in the past year, forcing organizations to update their cybersecurity policies to include mobile threat protection,” said John Michelsen, Chief Product Officer at Zimperium. “Our new product features add to our revolutionary on-device solution and give IT and security teams more insight into the who, what, where and how of the mobile vulnerabilities and attacks across their organizations, and more control over what happens next.”

Version 3.1 includes advanced app analysis, delivered via an OEM partnership with Mi3 Security, Inc. “Mi3 Security is the leading provider of mobile app insight technology, so we saw an opportunity to complete our mission to deliver comprehensive risk management to our customers by deeply integrating their technology with our own,” said Michelsen. This capability, released as z3A™ Advanced App Analysis, evaluates mobile app security and privacy risk on employees’ devices, identifies which apps are high risk, and triggers security policies to reduce that risk. Kevin Mullenex, CEO and co-founder of Mi3 Security, said “combining our in-depth app intelligence with Zimperium’s mobile threat protection solutions provides the detailed insight IT and security teams need to identify risky apps before they become a threat.” The joint solution is already being implemented at several Global 1000 customers.

In addition, Zimperium’s MTP 3.1 suite also includes the following capabilities:

  • Threat Mitigation Framework: administrators can now share specific instructions, such as restoring access to corporate resources, once a threat has been remediated.
  • iOS Profile Monitoring and Policy Enforcement: allows administrators to take inventory of both managed and unmanaged iOS profiles and tag as “trusted” or “untrusted.” Untrusted device users will be informed immediately and provided with remediation steps to minimize risk.
  • OS Risk for Android: provides access to a high-level overview of the risk posture for every device’s installed OS, including a list of vulnerabilities that could potentially impact that device.
  • Dashboard Activity Widget: creates an activity report, including data for the organization’s devices, networks, apps and detected threats over a selected period of time.
  • Citrix 10.4 Integration: offers added support for Zimperium’s Citrix integration, including synchronization between users, devices and apps from the Citrix MDM and the Zimperium database. Administrators can also lock devices or selectively wipe information to protect against advanced threats.
  • Enhanced Dashboard Workflows: provides administrators with a closer look at device details across widgets

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About Zimperium

Zimperium is a leading enterprise mobile threat protection provider. Only the Zimperium platform delivers continuous and real-time threat protection to both devices and applications. With Zimperium, businesses protect devices and apps against known and unknown cyberattacks from a single platform to boost mobile productivity, while safeguarding employee, customer and company data. Serving global organizations at enterprise scale, Zimperium’s award-winning solution is based on a disruptive, on-device detection engine that uses patented, machine learning technology to protect against the broadest array of mobile attacks. Headquartered in San Francisco, Zimperium is backed by major investors including Samsung, Telstra and Sierra Ventures. Learn more at www.zimperium.com or our official blog at https://blog.zimperium.com.

About Mi3 Security

Mi3 Security is the leader in intelligence-driven app security. The company’s SaaS solutions offer unmatched, comprehensive analysis of security and privacy risks for iOS and Android applications. Employing a patent-pending, parallel, multivariate risk analysis engine, combining content, context, intent and predictive behavior attributes, Mi3 Security can quickly declare an app In or Out™, and provide IT management with the actionable intelligence it needs to protect their enterprise’s privacy and security before a breach occurs. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA., the company has global customers in the financial services, healthcare and education markets. Learn more at www.mi3security.com

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