Mobile Security for AirWatch

Zimperium and AirWatch provide complete enterprise mobile security delivering sophisticated threat protection for managed mobile devices. The integrated solution secures devices against known and unknown threats to ensure corporate data, identities and applications are not compromised by mobile attacks or operating system vulnerabilities.


Joint Solution Brief

The AirWatch and Zimperium integrated solution brief provides a detailed view of which functions reside in each solution. You already manage devices and access today with AirWatch but need to protect your mobility programs from cyber attacks and OS vulnerabilities.

AirWatch & Zimperium Joint Solution Guide

Zimperium and AirWatch Integration Guide

Zimperium’s on-device detection, based on machine learning algorithms, provides enterprises real-time visibility into known and unknown attacks to mobile devices. Zimperium for AirWatch adds advanced threat monitoring and forensics extending your AirWatch compliance engine into cyber security.

The integrated solution provides mobile and IT security administrators capabilities to safely enable BYOD and offer more services to your mobile workers increasing productivity.

Zimperium & AirWatch Integration
  • Easy to deploy via AirWatch
  • Removes devices from compromised wireless networks
  • Enforces risk-based compliance policies
  • Provides configurable end-user notifications and administrator alerts

Enhance Mobility Management with Cyber Protection

AirWatch and Zimperium enable enterprises to manage and secure a broad range of mobile platforms against advanced - network, device and application - mobile threats. Listen in with Brian Katz, VMware, and Jon Paterson, Zimperium, discussing how mobile security is evolving and understand how the joint solution provides complete mobile threat management.

  • Protect against network attacks and mobile malware
  • Enable enforcement and remediation policies
  • Stop cyber attacks on your users’ devices
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"The shift to secure mobile devices requires more modern approaches than used for other IT systems. We are dedicated to providing secure protection of data, no matter where it’s shared.

By adding Zimperium’s advanced mobile threat protection, we are extending our ecosystem of partners to provide customers with an additional layer of security to contain and protect data from cyber threats they might encounter."

John Marshall, senior vice president and general manager, AirWatch by VMware

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