Attorneys and Law Firms Manage Extremely Sensitive Data

Mobile Threat Defense Represents the Legal Industry

Mobile Devices and Client-Attorney Information

In the legal industry, secure handling of privileged client-attorney information is of the utmost importance. In fact, the very reputation of a law firm often hinges on keeping client information private. Unfortunately, data privacy has been extremely difficult to maintain given the proliferation of mobile devices and the need for lawyers to responsively conduct work outside the office -- amidst an increasingly advanced threat environment. A recent report estimates that as many as 80 of the world’s leading 100 law firms have been compromised by some form of cyberattack since 2011.

Is your law firm prepared in the event any of your devices are lost or hijacked? What is an appropriate legal industry position on mobile threat defense?

"All of our attorneys conduct business on their mobile devices in order to provide excellent client service. We are using Zimperium to enable this capability while protecting the confidential client information that is being accessed and held on the devices."

- Head of IS Security, International Law Firm

“The near-universal use of mobile devices, especially personally-owned iPhones and iPads, for legal work increases the potential client confidentiality and data security risks for lawyers, yet most firms have inadequate, or nonexistent, security precautions for remote work,” stated the ABA 2017 Legal Technology Survey Report.

One Legal Firm Experienced 32,000 Threats in Six Months

One of Zimperium’s legal customers deployed zIPS and immediately saw and stopped threats to their business. Amazingly, these threats went completely invisible until deploying the Zimperium solution. It’s unknown how much information was accessed or even stolen since there was no visibility of the device.  

According to a recent Workshare study, 94% of legal professionals now say they are using personal (or BYOD) devices for work, and a staggering 100% say they need to access client documents outside the office to get work done. Clearly the potential for device-based exploits will only increase over time, as law firms and the private client data they handle make ideal targets for hackers.

Zimperium Represents Law Firms and Attorneys

Zimperium offers law firms and their clients the most complete Mobile Threat Defense solution for automatically detecting, reporting and remediating today’s -- and tomorrow’s -- advanced mobile threats.

On-device protection

Our z9 Engine automatically detects threats on-device rather than requiring an Internet connection, sandboxing or tunneling to a cloud service. This approach keeps client data secure on the device without impacting performance.

Detection and prevention

With a simple install, zIPS™ provides real-time self-service threat detection and remediation for Android, iOS, Windows and Chromebook mobile devices against network-based (or MITM) attacks, rogue application installs and backdoors. Users are immediately alerted to threats and can resolve or report them.

Managed Threat Defense

As many as 71% of legal firms are seeking to gain control over employee device usage by adopting MDM (Mobile Device Management) or EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solutions, and Zimperium offers tight integration with the leading solutions, including AirWatch, BlackBerry, MobileIron and others.