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Device security and protection for enterprise mobility

Mobility is driving enterprise agility across every major industry. Mobile devices have gone mainstream, as powerful computing platforms enabling employees to work anywhere, while helping companies serve and delight customers. Unfortunately, millions of smartphones and devices in the hands of workers and customers represent a high-value attack opportunity for hackers and cybercriminals.

Protect enterprise mobility from attack vectors

Conventional IT approaches used for securing corporate networks, servers, applications and company-owned computers don’t address the exposure of a growing, highly distributed mobile attack surface. Just one compromised device can spread into a very costly security breach for an enterprise. Enterprise mobility demands security tools specifically built to detect any unwanted behavior and protect mobile devices against both known and unknown cyber attacks wherever they occur: at the device level, over networks and through applications and malware.

Zimperium delivers the most innovative mobile threat defense platform for securing both corporate-owned and bring-your-own devices (BYOD) and the mobile enterprise apps customers use, from cyberattacks.

Industry-specific solutions

Securing financial industry's mobiles

Securing Mobile banking, payments, financial services and investments

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Securing healthcare industry's mobiles

Securing private health information in patient apps and on devices in medical facilities and outpatient care

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Securing insurance industry's mobiles

Support agents and field claims worker devices with better protection against rogue networks, malware and data breaches

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Securing legal industry's mobiles

Stay productive while keeping privileged attorney-client information protected from advanced mobile threats

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Securing Pharmaceutical industry's mobiles

Secure field and laboratory devices from cyber theft and espionage

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Securing retail industry's mobiles

Secure your mobile POS devices and your consumer apps from cyber attacks

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Telecommunications security
Mobile Operators

Increase your retention rates and ARPU with your own branded mobile security app

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Mobile Malware
“Mobile malware has not been an issue in the eyes of enterprises so far. However, mobile attacks (Pegasus, XcodeGhost) and vulnerabilities (Stagefright, Heartbleed) are increasing in terms of both number and pragmatism. Enterprises are now looking for solutions that can enhance their mobile security posture. Mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions combine signature-based checks with behavioral anomaly detection on the device, network and app layer.”

Gartner Predicts 2017: Endpoint and Mobile Security, Analyst(s): John Girard | Dionisio Zumerle | Brian Reed | Peter Firstbrook | Bart Willemsen, 16 November 2016

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