2022 Global
Mobile Threat Report

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The Year of Mobile Security

The 2022 Global Mobile Threat Report provides a critical and timely view of mobile endpoints and applications' risks, impacts, and threats. The report is based on insights collected by the Zimperium team and survey responses from global technology leaders.


New Mobile Malware Samples Detected in the Wild in 2021


Increase in Exploited, Zero-Day Mobile Vulnerabilities
Enterprises Reported Mobile Devices and Web Apps Led To A Security Incident
Phishing Sites Specifically Targeted Mobile Devices
Of Mobile Devices Encountered Malicious Applications Worldwide


Mobile Endpoints Impacted By Threats Discovered By Zimperium

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Understand Your Mobile Attack Surface

Review a year’s worth of mobile threat data in review, including deeper concentration on mobile device threat and mobile application threat trends.
Explore how mobile threats and a modern mobile security strategy drive impact throughout the entire security ecosystem.
Topical analysis of mobile threat data from the field, including prominent mobile attack vectors, regional analyses, exploited mobile vulnerabilities, mobile phishing trends, and mobile malware trends.

Webinar: Learn More From Mobile Security Experts

Join Zimperium's mobile security experts as they discuss the most critical findings and share exclusive anonymized data on mobile security trends directly from our report. They will cover a regional breakdown of the most critical mobile threats, including device and application threat trends, along with how enterprise apps put data at risk everyday. There will also be technical deep dives into real-life mobile attack chains.
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``In 2022 cyberspace has become a free fire zone with a multiplicity of actors...From stealing your money, to turning on the microphone and camera specific to your location, to using your device to compromise your work network, cybercrime cartels have gone wireless.
Security and safety are dependent on mobile security.``
Tom Kellermann Head of Cybersecurity Strategy for VMware

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