2023 Global
Mobile Threat Report

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2023 Global Mobile Threat Report

The Year of Mobile Security

The Zimperium 2023 Global Mobile Threat Report examines the trends that shaped the mobile security landscape over the last year and analyzes research from Zimperium’s zLabs team, as well as third-party industry data, partner insights, and observations from leading industry experts.


malware samples detected by Zimperium each week last year that had not been identified by the industry

of phishing attacks targeted mobile devices, or were designed to function on both mobile devices and desktops
increase in the total number of unique mobile malware samples detected by Zimperium year-over-year
of all compromised devices were fully exploited, not jailbroken or rooted – an increase of 187% YOY
of the zero day mobile vulnerabilities actively being exploited in the past year were for iOS
of mobile apps using cloud storage were vulnerable due to unsecured configurations
year-over-year increase in critical Android vulnerabilities discovered

6 – 10

times users are more likely to fall for an SMS phishing attack than an email-based attack

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Understand Your Mobile Attack Surface

Review the mobile attack surface, analyzing a year’s worth of mobile threat data, including a deep dive into the mobile device and application threat trends.
Explore how mobile threats and a modern mobile security strategy drive impact throughout the entire mobile security ecosystem.
Roundup and topical analysis of mobile threat data from the field, including major mobile attack vectors, exploited vulnerabilities, phishing trends, malware trends, and more.

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Watch Zimperium's mobile security experts in our on-demand webinar as they discuss the most critical findings from our 2023 Global Mobile Threat Report and share exclusive anonymized data on mobile security trends directly from our report. They will cover a breakdown of the most critical mobile threats, including device and application threat trends, along with how enterprise apps put data at risk every day.
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“The explosive growth in mobile device and app usage has created an ever-growing attack surface. Mobile devices are integral to the way we work, communicate, navigate, bank, and stay informed - creating new opportunities for malware. Last year’s Global Mobile Threat Report revealed that 60% of the endpoints accessing enterprise assets were mobile devices, and this does not seem to be slowing down. Mobile-powered businesses must increase mobile security measures to protect the personal data security of employees and the sensitive information belonging to the organization.”
Shridhar Mittal CEO, Zimperium

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