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Medusa Reborn: Zimperium’s Robust Defense

For the past two years, Zimperium has released the Mobile Banking Heist Report, providing in-depth research on the latest malware families, new attack techniques, and the global impact of banking trojans. This ongoing research allows us to stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure comprehensive protection for our users. On […]

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Mobile Banking Heists: The Emerging Threats and How to Respond

The past year has witnessed significant technological advancements in the banking and financial management which have greatly improved convenience for customers while also increasing security risks that should not be taken lightly. The financial industry has transformed mobile devices into a personal ATM for customers, offering services ranging from payments […]

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Financial Apps Are Not As Safe As You Think

The Rise of Financial Mobile Apps Financial mobile applications help businesses across all sectors take advantage of growing markets. They create additional value through improved customer experience and reduce costs through process automation. Whether used for traditional banking or payment processing, apps are changing how businesses operate. This steep but […]

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Zimperium Webinar: Real World Examples of Defending Against Mobile Threats at Two International Financial Services Firms

Webinar reveals how financial services firms can protect customers with mobile threat defense. Zimperium is providing customers, media and the general public with a live webinar in which they will learn about the threats two of Zimperium’s international banking customers encountered. The webinar will review how those threats, if gone […]

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BankBot & Friends: Phishing Mobile Customers Like You Soon

Back in April of 2017, researchers discovered a new form of Android-targeting malware using fake overlay screens to mimic existing banking apps and steal user credentials. Distributed as benign apps in Google Play, BankBot-infected apps were posing as 20 entertainment and mobile banking apps. This first version of BankBot targeted a small […]

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