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BYOD Security | Employee Mobile Devices vs Your Network

It used to happen all the time. People actually carried a work phone and a personal phone. There used to be a real cost to how companies and their employees used their digital devices. Now, with inexpensive and unlimited use cellular plans, the financial concerns of using a personal device […]

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Mobile Endpoint Security and Antivirus | Differences Between the Two

The challenge with explaining something new is making that new thing relatable to something someone else already knows and understands. This is why the definition of endpoint security is so often misunderstood or mislabeled. Many compare endpoint security to antivirus protection because it is the easiest way to explain the […]

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Hey you, get off that cloud! Said no Zimperium person ever…

Zimperium Delivers First Mobile Security Solution Available On Any Cloud. Zimperium is proud to be the global leader in enterprise mobile security. We got there by one simple rule: listen to your customer. Our customers told us they didn’t want to be locked-in to any one cloud platform. They often […]

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Don’t be caught on the wrong side of an attack

Using only cloud sourcing as the basis for mobile threat defense is the wrong side of an attack. We respect the boldness of a competitor’s CEO taking on the leader in his market. In a very literal sense, he laid his and his company’s cards on the table. This is […]

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Threat Advisory: Skygofree

Skygofree, another in the long line of Android based spyware, is being touted as one of the most advanced targeted surveillance tools ever seen on mobile devices. Skygofree is designed to enable surveillance and full device control by remote attackers. On unprotected mobile devices, Skygofree allows attackers to perform advanced […]

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BankBot & Friends: Phishing Mobile Customers Like You Soon

Back in April of 2017, researchers discovered a new form of Android-targeting malware using fake overlay screens to mimic existing banking apps and steal user credentials. Distributed as benign apps in Google Play, BankBot-infected apps were posing as 20 entertainment and mobile banking apps. This first version of BankBot targeted a small […]

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