Mobile App Shielding | Protect Against Reverse Engineering & Tampering

What is Mobile App Shielding?

Because mobile devices are now used to access sensitive corporate data, apps, and services, these devices can expose your back-end systems to cyberattacks. Attackers exploit vulnerabilities in both Android and iOS mobile devices and apps to spy on users, steal private data and credentials, infiltrate corporate networks, and more.

In response, app developers need mobile app shielding, also known as “app hardening,” to protect user devices and corporate data. Through app hardening, teams employ anti-debugging, obfuscation, and binary packing of an app’s source code to make it less susceptible to reverse engineering.

App shielding can also include anti-tampering capabilities. For example, tools can detect if debuggers or emulators are present, which can be used by attackers to reverse engineer applications.

Why You Need to Shield Your Apps

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How Application Shielding Keeps your Code Secure

Anti-Reverse Engineering

Advanced Obfuscation


Binary Packing



Integrity Checking

Anti-Method Swizzling

Function Caller Verification

Jailbreak / Rooting Detection

Shared Library Cross-Checking

Mach-O Binary Signature Verification

Google Play Licensing Protection

Customizable Defense Actions

Why Zimperium for Mobile App Shielding?

Zimperium zShield hardens and protects the application source code, intellectual property, and data. Its advanced multi-layered obfuscation and anti-tampering functionality limits attacks such as reverse engineering, piracy, removing ads, extracting assets, and repackaging with malware.

Advanced Code Obfuscation

Patented source code level obfuscation gives you unsurpassed protection while maintaining performance.

Easy Implementation

Minimal or no changes required to the original source code. Fits right into your existing software development lifecycle.

Widest Platform Support

Protect native, hybrid, and embedded apps on mobile devices, desktops, servers, and IoT devices.

Learn About the Mobile Application Protection Suite

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