Every Executive Should Know About Mobile Security & Mobile Threats

The Case for Mobile Security

Today, employee mobility is critical for enterprise productivity. Mobile devices, the networks they use and apps are critical success factors to satisfy customers, collaborate more effectively with suppliers, and keep employees productive anytime and anywhere.

This connectivity opens the door to an entirely new category of security threats – Mobile Cyber Attacks. That’s why mobile device security and risk management is essential to any digital enterprise.

Download the complete paper on what every executive should be asking their digital businesses about the mobile and IoT threat landscape.

1. Mobile is Your Greatest Cyber Vulnerability

Why? Because you are likely not protecting mobile devices from cyber attacks like the rest of your IT infrastructure.

2. The Mobile Threat is Real

One customer recorded critical threats on 6.2% of its devices in 4 months. This customer previously assumed mobile attacks weren’t happening until they found a rogue access point installed by a spy.

3. Real-Time Detection Mitigates Business Risks and Threats

Today’s approach for mobile cybersecurity needs to be real time, proactive and must be coupled with the high expectation for privacy.

4. Protect the Apps You Develop

To encompass the full security exposure of mobile, you need to consider the apps you are producing for their consumers and partners as well.

5.Close the Mobile CyberSecurity Gap

The conversation you start now could go a long way toward reducing your organization’s risks of mobile attacks.

Download the executive overview and arm yourself with intelligent questions to ask in the next board meeting about your digital business and mobile security risks.

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