Zimperium Protects SOLARIN by Sirin Labs

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By:Zuk Avraham

It’s been a whirlwind month for myself and the rest of the Zimperium team as we’ve launched new partnerships and closed Series C financing. Last week’s SOLARIN launch event was a highlight for me in particular. The launch took place at SIRIN LAB’s beautiful flagship store in London’s Mayfair neighborhood and it was packed to capacity with eager spectators. While there, I demonstrated how real world attacks work to emphasize the importance of advanced security solutions.

For those of you who didn’t hear, SIRIN LABS announced that Zimperium’s technology is protecting the SOLARIN high-end phone. The phone is built for the international business person who carries sensitive information on his or her device but doesn’t want to compromise on security, usability, quality and design.

SOLARIN incorporates Zimperium’s intrusion prevention system (Mobile IPS) technology, zIPS, for continuous detection of both known and unknown threats. SOLARIN also offers secure VoIP calls, and a “Security Switch” on the back of the handset that disables the phone’s functionality except for calls and messages.Side - Fire Black Carbon + Titanium

SOLARIN is the most security-sensitive smartphone on the market, so it’s an honor to be selected and relied on as its main security partner along with some of the most robust security technologies in the world. We’re proud to work closely with a company that shares our passion for safeguarding users against malicious attacks with the highest quality mobile protection.

Check out the SOLARIN online or in Sirin’s London store: https://www.sirinlabs.com/


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