Zimperium Introduces Mobile Threat Advisory Services

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Zimperium Introduces Mobile Threat Advisory Services

Customized Threat Intelligence Reports Crafted by Mobile Security Experts Provides Meaningful, Actionable Insights for CISOs, CIOs and Security Operational Teams to Effectively Protect Enterprises  

Data overload can cause security teams to feel overwhelmed and create desensitization to real threats. What’s more, analyzing mobile threat data to derive actionable insights requires specific expertise not available to many enterprises. 

To address this need, Zimperiumthe global leader in mobile threat defense (MTD) – has introduced Mobile Threat Advisory Services to transform mobile device security data and forensics into useful, actionable intelligence reports specifically designed for CISOs, CIOs and security operational teams. 

Even if you have significant security resources on staff – and most businesses don’t – the volume of data and specific expertise may make it difficult to adequately understand the risk to your organization. For Zimperium customers, we offer a much needed solution in Mobile Threat Advisory Services.  

Our world-class mobile security experts will transform the data into insightful, actionable information and recommendations tailored specifically to your enterprise. 

Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Advisory Services, will help you better protect and respond to mobile security incidents by:  

  • Providing measurable visibility to the organization’s mobile risk posture;
  • Gaining insights into key focus areas with actionable recommendations from specialists who can augment enterprise capabilities;
  • Accessing ready-to-consume reports for both executives and security operations; and
  • Reviewing and comparing your mobile security posture against global enterprises; assessing best practice trends.

In addition to developing and discussing the tailored intelligence reports, Zimperium will provide counsel on the latest vulnerabilities and exploits. 

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