Zimperium and Intertrust Partner to Provide End-to-End Security for IoT devices

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Zimperium and Intertrust’s partnership offers best-in-class protection for edge devices in trusted data ecosystems

Today, Zimperium and Intertrust announced a partnership to provide end-to-end security and data management for IoT devices, apps and media services operating in Zero Trust environments. Under the terms of the partnership, Intertrust will offer Zimperium’s Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) to its Intertrust PlatformTM and Intertrust ExpressPlayTM customers.

As Talal Shamoon, Intertrust’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, “The Zimperium-Intertrust partnership completes our offering of the world’s best end-to-end secure data operations and rights management solution, with bulletproof endpoint technology. We’re proud to partner with the world leader in this space and look forward to delivering robust end to end solutions to our customers.”

Intertrust Platform is a breakthrough product that provides trusted interoperable data operations for business ecosystems. It also connects to authenticated IoT devices and apps, creating a circle of trust between clouds and devices. ExpressPlay Media Security Suite offers a number of innovative content protection services including ExpressPlay DRM, a cloud-based multi-DRM service. 

Zimperium’s revolutionary security technology creates a protected processing environment on devices and sensors that lowers the risk of malicious tampering and signals when an attack is taking place. Zimperium MAPS helps enterprises build secure mobile apps that are natively resistant to attacks. MAPS is the only platform that protects mobile apps end-to-end, from in-development to on-device. The platform provides app scanning, app shielding, runtime protection, and protection of sensitive cryptographic keys in one platform. 

The Zimperium-Intertrust combination gives enterprises and media service providers alike access to trusted data ecosystems and a high level of assurance that devices and apps in the Zero Trust environments they work with are highly resistant to hacks that can cause major disruptions or inappropriate access to data.

Zimperium’s Chief Executive Officer, Shridhar Mittal, summarized the power of the partnership well when he said, “Devices and apps in the field can be a weak point for attackers to steal data or disrupt vital data-based services. As the only platform that protects mobile apps across the entire DevSecOps lifecycle, from in-development to on-device, MAPS gives Intertrust’s customers the confidence that their edge devices and apps are protected.”  

Next steps

Intertrust provides software and services to major corporations globally and is offering MAPS to its current and future customers immediately.

To learn more about the Zimperium/Intertrust partnership or if we can help you secure your digital content needs, please contact us today. 

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