VMware & Zimperium Demonstrate Best-of-Breed Unified Endpoint Security (UES) Approach Desired by Global 1000 CISOs

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VMware & Zimperium Demonstrate Best-of-Breed Unified Endpoint Security (UES) Approach Desired by Global 1000 CISOs

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with VMware on our joint unified endpoint security (UES) approach leveraging VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence and Zimperium zIPS. 

During the webinar, in which we demonstrated our integration, I was joined by Steve DeJarnett, Director of Product Management for VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence, Jon Paterson, Chief Technology Officer at Zimperium and Kern Smith, Vice President of Sales Engineering at Zimperium. 

To see the webinar in its entirety, click here

VMware and Zimperium have been helping define the UES market together, and we recently announced the general availability of the combined power of VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence’s Analytics and Orchestration capabilities and the unique on-device, machine learning-based mobile endpoint security from Zimperium. 

This further enhances Zimperium’s integration with VMware Workspace ONE and delivers numerous innovative advantages for enterprise customers.

VMware Workspace ONE UEM (originally known as AirWatch) was one of the first UEM solutions ever integrated with our leading mobile threat defense (MTD) solution, zIPS. zIPS is the only MTD solution to deliver on-device machine learning-based protection against device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks without any impacts to user privacy. 

In addition to attacks, zIPS also provides significant data to help organizations identify risks and vulnerabilities such as outdated operating systems, security and privacy risks in installed apps and risky/unsecured networks. 

Zimperium’s integration with Workspace ONE Intelligence not only provides advanced mobile threat forensics, but it also enables Workspace ONE Intelligence admins to create automated actions to remediate threats and reduce enterprise risk.

The benefits of this partnership extend beyond enabling complete mobile device visibility and protection. Organizations need a unified ability to not only manage, but also to secure all endpoints. To that end, Zimperium continues to partner with VMware to help drive the emergence of UES.

During the webinar itself, Steve provided an overview on the VMware Workspace One Digital Workspace Platform: 

“Often security is viewed as something that gets in the way, or reduces employee experience,” Steve said. “We feel like when done correctly, Zero Trust – combined with modern management – actually enables a better employee experience. We want to help you do this unusual thing of bringing security and employee experience together to bring a better experience to your employees.”

Steve then spoke about the need to truly unite security and IT together in a proactive manner:

“In the past we viewed security and IT as teams that had to operate as two ships in the night; passing each other occasionally, but not always collaborating,” Steve said. “As we continued to think more about it, we really felt the best way to secure your environment is to think of this as an effort that you’re all in together. It’s a team sport.”

Once Steve finished talking about the capabilities of the Workspace ONE platform, Jon talked about Zimperium’s mobile detection, forensics and remediation capabilities:

“Many of these constructs are familiar to you (device attacks, network attacks, phishing, malicious apps), if you leverage desktop security solutions today,” Jon said. “Being able to bring these key capabilities to a mobile device or a modern computing device and deliver them wherever possible on that device locally is something that’s always a goal for us at Zimperium.”

Before Kern dove into actual demonstrations, Steve came back to provide an overarching view of how Workspace One Intelligence now brings together data, and enables automated responses, from leading solutions like Carbon Black on traditional endpoints and Zimperium on mobile:

Kern first showed the different types of dashboards that can be developed through our integration:

YouTube video

Then, he showed the many automation benefits:

YouTube video

Lastly, he showed what happens when malware is loaded onto a mobile device:

YouTube video

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To see the webinar in its entirety, click here

With years of successfully protecting enterprises around the world together, VMware and Zimperium are here to help organizations protect both traditional and mobile endpoints. If you’d like to learn more about the way Zimperium and VMware can help you unify endpoint management and security, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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