New Mobile Threat Alert – Operation Celestial Fore

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A recent report by Cisco Talos has exposed an ongoing mobile-targeted malware campaign named Operation Celestial Force, attributed to threat actors linked to Pakistan. This campaign, active since at least 2018, primarily targets mobile devices using Android malware known as GravityRAT. These adversaries, referred to as Cosmic Leopard, use spear-phishing and social engineering tactics to infiltrate mobile devices, highlighting the critical need for advanced mobile security measures.

In light of these sophisticated mobile attacks, the importance of robust mobile security cannot be overstated. Zimperium’s advanced mobile threat defense solution, MTD, provides comprehensive zero-day protection against evolving threats like GravityRAT. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Zimperium provides security teams with mobile risk and vulnerability assessments, including visibility into mobile apps embedded with malware. As mobile threats continue to evolve, having a trusted security partner like Zimperium is essential for organizations and individuals to safeguard their mobile digital assets.

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