Zimperium Scales into the Billions (that’s with a “B”)

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Seven thousand events per second.

Six hundred million events per day.

Two hundred billion (that’s with a “B”) events per year.

That is how many events Zimperium processes while providing the world’s best enterprise mobile threat defense (MTD) solution! Not only do we have the best solution, we have the most scalable one too!

As the old infomercial used to say, “But wait! There’s more!”

What are some other mind-boggling ways Zimperium is helping make our enterprise customers around the world safer, at scale?

Did you know Zimperium is protecting over twenty-five million devices in a single production environment?? We are, and we are proud of that fact. And we have proven test environments with over one hundred million devices (and growing)?

Did you know that Zimperium will detect two billion (that’s with a “B”) risks and threats in 2018? Let that sink in for a minute… two billion risks and threats that our customers had no visibility into, or protection against, before deploying Zimperium MTD solutions. (Side note: That is just our customers… think of how many organizations are not protected!)

What about sessions being protected by zIAP? Get ready for another “B”… Zimperium is protecting almost five billion mobile sessions per year, and that number is growing quickly.

Regardless of the metric, it is clear that Zimperium is delivering the most effective mobile threat detection solution (powered by the unmatched capabilities of our machine learning-based engine, z9) in the most scalable manner.

Paraphrasing that old infomercial again, “But wait! We will be bringing more!”  Given Zimperium’s unique architectural approach (that our competitors cannot match), our capacity is significantly greater than we have already proven. And since the attackers are escalating their mobile attacks, that is a really good thing for our customers.

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