Zimperium Integrates With SAP to Enhance Mobile Security

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SAP-LogoWe all understand why mobile cybersecurity is important. There are bad actors out there exploiting very vulnerable devices. Some debate the value of data on mobile devices based on situation but we all agree proprietary information needs to be kept secure.

We recently announced an integration with SAP, the third largest software company in the world. SAP has over 310,000 customers in 190 countries powering supply chain, human resource and financial information and its customers are mobilizing this data. Mobilizing proprietary information exposes it on devices that may not be up-to-date, be company-owned or have security software running. SAP is eliminating concerns about mobile threat protection by providing an easy method to embed Zimperium’s technology to detect real-time device vulnerabilities, network and application attacks.

SAP provides cloud-based services designed to optimize the mobile experience for companies deploying mobile apps including SAP Fiori. SAP HANA® Cloud Platform provides a mobile services integration framework offering a no-code option, helping customers with faster delivery of flexible and secure mobile apps that take advantage of tools like Zimperium.

How to Embed Zimperium in SAP

  1. Select Application
  2. Embed Zimperium via Cordova Plug-in
  3. Deploy Application to SAP Mobile Place
  4. Install on Devices

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“As the industry evolves and threat vectors increase, mobile application security continues to be an ongoing concern for SAP Customers”, said Senthil Krishnapillai, GVP of mobile cloud services at SAP. “SAP is pleased to be able to help customers build SAP Fiori mobile apps that address the threats that specifically affect mobile devices – through a simple cloud-based integration with Zimperium.”

Zimperium’s zIAP In-App Protection solution is available as a plug-in during the SAP Fiori mobile app build process, integrating advanced security into SAP Fiori apps from the start. The plug-in seamlessly embeds Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection into mobile apps for both iOS and Android and offers threat detection, user alerts with remediation and report forensics.

To start an evaluation, please see our SAP resources and request a trial today.

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Author: Scott King
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