Welcoming Shridhar Mittal to the Z family

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Earlier this year I promised big changes at Zimperium. We announced our Series A funding, launched Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense system with the World’s first Mobile IPS, and most recently made zANTI2 our award-winning mobile assessment tool completely free for community usage. Well, I’m excited to say that we have even more good news to celebrate.

Today, Zimperium announced a top-notch player joining its team. Shridhar Mittal, a seasoned executive with a history of successful acquisitions and enterprise management skills, is joining Zimperium as Chief Executive Officer. I am excited to welcome Shridhar to the Z-Team. The addition of Shridhar will enable Zimperium to expand its leadership position in the mobile security market, and emerge as the undisputed leader in mobile threat defense. I will be assuming the role of Chairman and Chief Technology Officer.

When I researched ARM Exploitation in 2010, I understood that mobile was going to suffer from the same advanced and highly sophisticated attacks that have plagued PCs for years. I knew it was just a matter of time (a simple enlightenment that most of the companies did not fully appreciate until today). That same year, I founded Zimperium and assembeled a team of the most creative people in the world to build a solution to solve one of the most challenging security problems to face enterprises – how to protect a mobile device from advanced attacks without having user adminsitrative privileges on the device. (I will not dive into the technical details here … but we did what was considered impossible under user-space limitations).

We knew the market was ready for a real mobile security solution – one that just didn’t manage but actually provided protection against advanced, highly-sophisticated attacks including 0days (or ‘unknown threats’). As a white-hat hacker who spent most of my time focusing on smartphones and smart devices, I knew these supposed mobile “security” solutions left organizations open to attacks – and knew exactly how to bypass each one of these solutions – simply by attacking the gaps in the Operating System that these solutions could not protect – but that’s in another post. We knew we could do better. We know mobile devices have changed the security landscape forever. And we believe that it is our time, to ensure that these mobile devices that travel everywhere with us – and enable us to be so connected and so productive – receive the same level of protection against advanced threats.

Shridar’s extensive experience in both early-stage and established organizations, as well as his proven track record of developing global eco-systems with leading global system integrators, will be an amazing asset to the Z-Team, our customers and partners. Shridhar possesses the knowledge and leadership required to build upon Zimperium’s current success and position the company for its next stage of growth.

Shridhar joins Zimperium from CA Technologies where he served as GM of the Application Delivery business unit. Shridhar positioned CA as a leader in the high growth space and led the successful acquisition of Nolio. Shridhar came to CA with the successful $330M acquisition of ITKO, a leading provider of service virtualization solutions for developing applications in composite and cloud environments.

Shridhar’s appointment as CEO will enable me to do what I love best – be an ambassador for the company and set the vision for our future development. I’m passionate about security and this change will enable me to be more hands on with the product teams and head up our Innovation Council.

Please join me in welcoming Shridhar to the Z team!


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