Top Three Mobile Phishing Lures: #1) Email

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Top Three Mobile Phishing Lures: #1) Email

According to a SecurityWeek article, “With over 66% of emails first opened on a mobile device and email arguably the first point of attack for a phishing actor, unprotected emails on a mobile device can easily turn into a new avenue for attack.” 

Furthermore, it’s not just corporate email that you have to worry about. Users check their personal emails from the same device that accesses the corporate network, so existing enterprise anti-phishing procedures aren’t sufficient on a mobile device.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • How mobile devices are making phishing attacks even more effective;
  • Where enterprise anti-phishing solutions do/do not help combat email-based phishing attacks; and 
  • How hackers can leverage a compromised device to access corporate networks, deliver ransomware and spear-phishing other employees. 
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Author: Andy Shane

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