To Be…Protected, or not To Be…Protected. That is the Question.

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These last few days could have CIOs and CISOs very nervous. Two news stories about mobile devices pose real threats for enterprises around the world:

  • From Forbes, “millions of shiny new Android smartphones are being purchased with dangerous malware factory-installed, according to Google’s own security research team.”
  • Also from Forbes, “security firm Check Point has revealed it has found a way to hack every iPhone and iPad running iOS 8 right up to betas of iOS 13.”    

The good news for CIOs and CISOs who are Zimperium customers is, you can all breathe easy. We detect these threats and provide protection without any delay or update. For those who are not customers, you may want to sit down. 

The reality is, mobile devices are now the de facto platform for productivity in business. Today, the traditional computing devices (e.g., servers, desktops and laptops), upon which enterprises have focused their security and compliance efforts, represent only 40 percent of the relevant endpoints. The remaining 60 percent of endpoints are mobile. 

You see, the majority of mobile devices are unprotected endpoints with access to or containing all of the information of a traditional endpoint.  And while there are some overlaps in what you protect email, calendars, etc., the way you solve the traditional endpoint security problem is completely different than how you solve the mobile security problem. Some solutions, like EMM or MDM, offer a level of protection but they need to be complimented with Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution.

The latest version of our award-winning, disruptive and patented on-device, machine learning-based engine, z9, protects mobile data, apps and sessions against device compromises, network attacks, phishing attempts and malicious apps.

To date, z9 has detected 100 percent of zero-day device exploits in the wild without requiring an update, needing to connect to a network or suffering from the delays and limitations of cloud-based detection or legacy security architectures something no other mobile security provider can claim.

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