Webinar: Rise of the Machine (Learning)

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Webinar will share the use of machine learning in mobile security and how to identify the machine learning solutions that are (and are not) effective in stopping known and unknown mobile threats.

Zimperium is hosting a webinar for customers, media and the general public. John Michelsen, Zimperium’s chief technology officer, and JT Keating, vice president of product strategy for Zimperium, will lead the webinar.

WHO: Zimperium, a global leader in enterprise mobile threat defense (MTD) and a leading provider of real-time, on-device protection against known and unknown threats

TITLE: Mobile Security: Rise of the Machine (Learning)

WHAT: This webinar will expand the audience’s knowledge and understanding about how machine learning can be used in mobile security to detect both known and unknown threats. The webinar will specifically discuss:

  • The ins and outs of machine learning and how it can be used as part of a mobile security plan
  • How Zimperium’s z9 engine sits directly on mobile devices and detects both known and unknown threats through analysis without violating the end users’ privacy

WHY: Much like a doctor analyzes symptoms to determine an illness, machine learning looks at even slight deviations to identify not only the specific type of malicious attack, but also offer forensics associated with the who, what, where, when and how of an attack occurrence. Zimperium’s z9 engine sits directly on mobile devices, offering a unique approach to detect attacks even when users are not connected to the network or when facing unknown malware, new threats or zero-day attacks.

WHEN: On-Demand

WHERE: Watch Now

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