Legacy Mobile Security Solutions Leave Gaps

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Complete Visibility to Traffic is Key to Delivering True Mobile Security
Legacy approaches to securing mobile devices only solve pieces of the mobile security problem. Enterprises need to adopt a true security solution optimized for mobile that provides complete visibility and protection against known and unknown threats. Ideally, this solution should detect threats even without connectivity, to ensure the device is continuously protected without impacting the user experience or violating user privacy. If IT Security Administrators have visibility to mobile traffic both on and off the corporate network, combined with risk profile data for every device, appropriate policies can be implemented to protect the device and corporate network from an exposure.

MDM is for mobile management of devices, not protection
Businesses have invested in a variety of mobile management systems including: Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Anti-Virus. Most reports highlight Apps as one of the most dangerous threat vectors, with huge recent increases in modern mobile malware topping the 1 million mark by the end of 2015. Although impressive in volume, other types of attacks have the potential to cause significantly more impact to organizations than malicious Apps. Organizations that are concerned with securing against advanced network and host based attacks need to know more than if the device has been rooted or whether a malicious app has been installed.


According to Gartner’s July 2014 report on the Hype Cycle for Enterprise Mobile Security, “all current solutions are entirely based on application layer attacks on mobile devices (Layer 7). OS vulnerabilities and lower stack device and radio layers are likely to be exploited.” With more business being conducted outside of the office, on WiFi or cellular networks than ever before, the risk of cyberattacks is expected to rise significantly. One compromised mobile device from either a cyberattack can result in a security breach, compromising an organization’s data, assets and brand.

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