Joshua Drake and Jimmy Shah join zLabs Advanced Research and Exploitation Team

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As the security industry kicks off RSA 2015 the Zimperium team is excited to announce the addition of two long time security experts to the zLabs Advanced Research and Exploitation team this week. Joshua J. Drake will be joining us as the new senior director of platform research and exploitation, while Jimmy Shah will be coming on board as our new senior director of research. Together they will focus on original research including the analysis, discovery, and exploitation of security vulnerabilities in various platforms.

Drake was previously director of research science at Accuvant, where he headed up a team of elite vulnerability researchers. Prior to Accuvant, Drake also worked at Rapid7’s Metasploit and VeriSign’s iDefense. Drake is a well-known mobile attack researcher and has more than 10 years of experience auditing and exploiting a wide range of application and operating system software. His focus on Android since early 2012 led to him becoming the lead author of the “Android Hacker’s Handbook.”  Drake spoke at major industry events such as BlackHat, RSA, CanSecWest, DerbyCon, REcon, Ruxcon/Breakpoint, and Toorcon. Some of Drake’s additional notable accomplishments include exploiting Oracle’s JVM for a win at Pwn2Own 2013, successfully compromising the Android browser via NFC with Georg Wicherski at BlackHat USA 2012, and winning the DefCon 18 CTF with the ACME Pharm team in 2010.

Shah, has been involved in research for more than a decade with a concentration in mobile malware since the appearance of the first mobile phone worm, SymbOS/Cabir. As Zimperium’s Senior Security Researcher, Shah brings a wide breadth of experience in security research on a variety of mobile and embedded platforms.

Come meet our growing team including  Zimperium CEO Shridhar Mittal, Founder Zuk Avraham, Joshua J. Drake, Yaniv Karta, Jimmy Shah and the rest of the Z team tonight night at our RSA Yacht party. Additional details and registration can be found here:

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