Cutting through the Weekly Mobile Security Noise

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Introducing Our New Blog Series: Cutting through the Weekly Mobile Security Noise

The worlds of mobile and security generate news at a breakneck pace. And when you operate at the intersection of those two markets, like Zimperium, it can be overwhelming to process what’s happening on an hour-to-hour basis.

That’s why we’re unveiling our weekly series covering five stories curated by our team. We’re aiming to include the stories of most interest and impact to enterprise mobile security audiences. It won’t just be about the latest threat or hack, but also enterprise policy, user behavior trends, CISO approaches and other relevant topics.

So without further introduction, here are five stories that caught our eye this week:

375_250-hto_mobile_devicesThe Training Gap in Enterprise Mobility—in a survey by Accellion and the Ponemon Institute, 88 percent of people said they use a mobile device to access sensitive enterprise data but only 20 percent have been offered security training on the security risks posed to them and the company of using those devices. Business Solutions had a nice article summarizing the survey results and their implications.

Insecurity? There’s an App for thatin a story from GCN, Patrick Marshall reports how enterprises are struggling with mobile devices and BYOD, when they only just got network security under control. Murray discusses a centralized security approach that also delivers security information on device to the user.

“Siri, have I been hacked?”—A slideshow on ITBusiness Edge claims that 2015 is the year enterprises will awaken to the likelihood that they have been or will be attacked through an employee’s mobile device. In fact, vendor research has shown that close to have of all companies have already had mobile breaches at a cost of $429,000 per breach.

Age, Experience a Mobile Threat?—In a story that we are sure Boomers and Gen-Xers won’t find shocking, it appears Millennials lose their devices and have them stolen at a much higher rate than other generations. From an enterprise standpoint, this has to be disconcerting as the switch to BYOD and enterprise mobility is coinciding with this demographic entering the workforce. An Economic Times story discusses the findings of a survey.

Sony Hack: Starting with the Man in the MiddleTed Bridis of the AP reports on how the insecure email habits of a Sony executive put both the company and him personally at risk. By sharing passwords over insecure or basic communications, executives put themselves at risk of man-in-the-middle attacks. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as more details are released.

What conversations grabbed your attention this week? We’d love to hear from you on the stories you’re tracking.

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