Cutting Through The Weekly Mobile Security Noise: Finding the Balance

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The continuous evolution of mobile malware, malicious apps and targeted threats ensures mobile security will remain a pressing issue for enterprises. As companies beef up their security measures it is critical that they strike a balance between enabling productivity and securing connected devices. This week we’ve been monitoring conversations around mobile fraud risks, mobile payment system threats and a number of high profile breaches.

Deconstructing Mobile Fraud Risk – Dark Reading

In the past, mobile threats were seen as less important than other potential security threats impacting an organization. However, with the continuous evolution of technology, protecting employees and individuals against advanced threats has become a serious problem. Most mobile security software today is purchased as insurance against a single threat or potential risk to an organization’s reputation. But it’s important to recognize that mobile threats are more than just one main event, they are a continuous flow of issues that are often hard to discover. It’s imperative that organizations employ a security system that protects against malicious activity and secures their network of connected devices.

Study urges consumers to protect themselves from identity theft – Computer Business Review

The Ponemon Institute’s “Data Security in the Evolving Payments Ecosystem” study explored the impact of mega payment breaches on organizations. The study found that more than 50 percent of consumers think using mobile payment systems raises the risk of a breach. However, 53 percent think convenience is more important than security. The survey also reported that security budgets have increased 45 percent, while 41 percent of companies appointed more security staff and 54 percent invested in new security technologies.

Hard Rock, Sally Beauty Acknowledge Data Breaches – eSecurity Planet

This week the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas and Sally Beauty have both acknowledged high impact data breaches that appear to have exposed customer credit card information. According to eSecurity planet, Sally Beauty Holdings yesterday announced that since learning of these reports, the company has been working with law enforcement and its credit card processor to launch a comprehensive investigation to aggressively gather facts and ensure our customers are protected. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas also reported that hackers gained access to customer names and payment information between September 3, 2014 and April 2, 2015.

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