Another Milestone: Zimperium Available In Azure Marketplace and Still the Only MTD Capable of Running on Azure Cloud

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Since early 2017, Zimperium has been the only MTD solution that can be hosted in Azure Cloud and integrated with Azure AD and Intune EMS to protect O365 deployments.

Integrated with Azure AD / Intune, Zimperium MTD enables risk-based compliance policies to eliminate mobile devices from being used in advanced attacks against corporate systems and employees. Zimperium detects and analyzes threats, and provides Intune with the visibility to enact risk-based policies to automatically remediate against these attacks using conditional access.

Zimperium MTD works in real-time to proactively protect mobile devices against device compromises, network-based risks, phishing and mobile malware— helping organizations remediate risks before they become a problem.

Zimperium MTD is now available in the Azure Marketplace, making acquisition and deployment even easier for Azure users. The Azure Marketplace provides a seamless experience for customers to easily, find, try and deploy Zimperium’s MTD solution on Microsoft Azure.


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