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Why Zimperium

Zimperium is the Leading Innovator in Mobile Threat Protection

The second half of 2015 witnessed twice as many mobile vulnerability discoveries as all of 2014. With the proliferation of mobile devices at an all-time high in the workplace, today’s cybercriminals are now targeting mobile devices, launching sophisticated mobile network, device and application attacks.

When it comes to adopting emerging technologies, it is no simple task for customers to understand what is needed for their mobile security strategies. Just when you’ve finished selecting your enterprise mobility management solution, for example, you may wonder why you simply can’t extend your existing antivirus solution to your mobile devices. Or your advanced persistent threat vendor may claim its solution can be extended to your mobile devices.

The truth is protecting against mobile cyberattacks calls for innovative solutions that have been explicitly built for the mobile environment. Here is what differentiates Zimperium® from other vendors who claim to offer mobile security.

Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection technology provides continuous, on-device monitoring and analysis capabilities that detect mobile cyberattacks in real time. Powered by its z9™ detection engine and patented machine-learning models that have been developed and refined over four years of threat intelligence research, the Zimperium® platform dynamically and accurately identifies malicious attacks. It also classifies zero-day attacks regardless of the entry point.

The Zimperium® platform doesn’t require signatures or even an Internet connection. This means you will still be protected when in airplane mode or roaming. And you won’t have to wait hours or days to find out if a device has been compromised.

This on-device detection architecture puts the sensor power of expensive appliances into each mobile device. You increase the number of sensors detecting enterprise threats from a handful to tens or even hundreds of thousands of devices across your organization.

Only the Zimperium® platform delivers continuous and real-time threat protection to both mobile devices and applications. From a single platform, organizations can protect their devices against known and unknown cyberattacks, and generate “self-protecting” applications.



Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection technology protects both devices and applications against the broadest array of attacks. You get best-in-class detection against 40+ mobile attack vectors. Your devices are protected against advanced mobile network, device and application cyberattacks in real time.

  • Network – Reconnaissance scans, Man-in the-Middle, SSL stripping, SSL decryption attempts, rogue access points
  • Device – OS / Kernel exploits, profile / configuration modifications, system tampering, physical USB exploits
  • Application – Malicious apps, known and unknown malware, dynamic threats abusing download and exploit techniques

Security teams gain comprehensive visibility across all mobile devices in the organization to assess enterprise risk, identify security gaps and update policies to adapt and improve their device and application protection. Dashboards and detailed reporting make it easy for security administrators to manage risk and monitor incidents on protected devices.

Incident Response teams get actionable network, device and malware threat forensics for declared mobile security events. They can understand the who, what, where, when and how of each occurrence. Using these contextual forensics, IR teams can take action to prevent a single compromised device from turning into an outbreak.

The Zimperium® mobile threat management platform provides extensive detection and protection. It doesn’t just send alerts to already overwhelmed security teams. Rather it arms security teams with automated policy action recommendations, so they and their end-users can react accordingly. Administrators can also configure end-user notifications and administrator alerts by attack type to suit the needs of any enterprise.

Built as a platform with REST APIs, Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection works seamlessly with leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, including AirWatch, Good Technology, MobileIron and Samsung, and any SIEM solution.


Technology Innovation and Renowned Research

Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection is the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley’s 2015 SPIFFY recipient of the San Andreas Most Disruptive Technology award. Widely publicized for its Stagefright vulnerability discoveries, Zimperium’s zLabs, led by the company founder, Zuk Avraham, is considered one of the leading mobile security research groups in the world. zLabs mobile security researchers are repeatedly sought out for research insights by the media. Joshua Drake, the Stagefright discoverer, is one of SC Magazine’s Top 6 Influential Security Thinkers. This select group represents the highest achievements in technology and leadership. Following the Stagefright vulnerability discovery, zLabs established the Zimperium® Handset Alliance, comprised of 30+ leading MNOs, OEMs, and App Developers, to boost cooperation within the mobile ecosystem and to help accelerate security improvements in Android.

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