MDM is Not Mobile Security: Why Mobile Threat Defense Achieves What MDM Cannot

There are better ways to provide a frictionless experience while protecting mobile devices from persistent mobile threats and protecting employee privacy. Join Zimperium for a webinar where we’ll discuss:
-How on-device mobile security must go beyond MDMs, MAMs, and more
-How to effectively protect mobile devices against the rise in zero-day threats
-How to reduce friction while protecting your modern workforce
-How to drive adoption and preserve user privacy

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[On-Demand] From Fares to Surfing: Why Leading Transit Agencies are Protecting Riders from Mobile Threats

As Transit Agencies continue to evolve and improve their digital experiences, mobile components have become more vital. While mobile payment apps and onboard WiFi networks benefit riders, they also create new attack vectors for attackers. Leading Transit Agencies are taking proactive measures to protect riders against these risks. Join cybersecurity leaders from Los Angeles Metro and Zimperium for a discussion on the best ways to protect riders against mobile cyberthreats. Register now.

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