Zimperium Launches World’s First Mobile Security Solution Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Company launches two new products that together take a new approach to mobile security, monitoring behavior patterns on mobile devices to detect and contain advanced cyber-attacks

SAN FRANCISCO – JANUARY 23, 2014 – Zimperium, creators of the world’s first mobile intrusion prevention system™ (IPS) powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is today announcing the launch of two new products to protect organizations from advanced persistent threats (APT) on mobile. The launch addresses a huge void in mobile security: more employees are bringing their personal devices to work, but there is no security solution to detect, notify, and protect against advanced cyber-attacks deployed through mobile devices.

Existing Security Solutions Are Not Adequate
Governments and enterprises are extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks from devices such as smartphones and tablets, suggests a white paper published by Zimperium.

Top network and computer security vendors are not experts in mobile security. These providers can protect against network threats, but don’t know how to protect mobile devices from cyber-attacks that can later comprise the entire corporate network. Meanwhile, current mobile security offerings are extremely limited in their scope of protection. These providers only offer protection against predefined types of threats. This protection is narrow, slow to adapt, and does not safeguard against simple tricks or cyber-attacks.

New Solution Sets New Standards
Zimperium is launching zIPS™ and zCONSOLE™, offering organizations the first comprehensive mobile security solution. zIPS™ is the world’s first mobile IPS™ that uses AI to detect advanced cyber-attacks. Leveraging algorithms and machine learning, zIPS™ monitors how a device behaves and is capable of recognizing unusual usage patterns and safeguarding the device.

zCONSOLE™ is an easily integrated, cloud-based, mobile unified threat management (UTM) platform that enables IT managers to monitor zIPS™ devices entering and leaving the network. Each device becomes a powerful sensor that IT managers can monitor using zCONSOLE™ to detect network attacks.

“Hackers are looking to exploit any weakness in your company’s defenses to steal proprietary information–and mobile devices are one of the weakest links,” say Kevin Mitnick, legendary security researcher. “zIPS™ is first mobile intrusion prevention system that stops hackers in their tracks, before they can damage your business.”

Co-founded and led by Zuk Avraham, a former military and Samsung Electronics security researcher, and Elia Yehuda, an experienced hands-on security researcher, Zimperium is supported by Raymond Liao of Samsung, the world’s most famous hacker Kevin Mitnick, and early-investors in Sourcefire: Mark Fernandes, Managing Director of Sierra Ventures, and Stephen Northcutt, former President of SANS Technology Institute.

“With zIPS™, corporations will now have the opportunity to use BYOD as an advantage to their security. zIPS™ is the first security solution that can combat modern cyber-attacks on mobile. There is already evidence of attacks that are happening to infiltrate organizations, which only zIPS™ can prevent,” says Zuk Avraham, Zimperium founder and CEO.

Today’s launch of zIPS™ and zCONSOLE™ sets a new standard for mobile security. At just a fraction of the cost of top security solutions, CIOs and IT managers can expect the following groundbreaking features from zIPS™:

zIPS runs completely in user-mode – and can be deployed as a standard Android app
zIPS is the first mobile IPS&trademark;
zIPS is using a new technique called “non-intrusive packet monitoring” that protects a user’s privacy
zIPS is the only available solution that is capable of detecting malware running outside of its own sandbox – as seen in self modifying apps
zIPS prevents advanced network attacks when a device is connected to public, uncontrolled networks
zIPS does not rely on signatures to detect threats
zIPS uses machine learning to detect IPv4, IPv6 and unknown attacks (0days)
zIPS™ is currently available for Android only, but will unveil an iOS beta soon.

Download zIPS™ for Android: https://www.zimperium.com/zips-mobile-ips

Learn more about Zimperium, visit www.zimperium.com.

About Zimperium
Zimperium is a leading enterprise mobile threat protection provider. Only the Zimperium platform delivers continuous and real-time threat protection to both devices and applications. With Zimperium, businesses protect devices and apps against known and unknown cyberattacks from a single platform to boost mobile productivity, while safeguarding employee, customer and company data. Serving global organizations at enterprise scale, Zimperium’s award-winning solution is based on a disruptive, on-device detection engine that uses patented, machine learning technology to protect against the broadest array of mobile attacks. Headquartered in San Francisco, Zimperium is backed by major investors including Samsung, Telstra and Sierra Ventures. Learn more at www.zimperium.com.

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