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Mobile Security Landscape

Source: zNetwork Global Threat Intelligence

Corporate Mobility Changes the Enterprise Security Landscape

The use of mobile devices in the workplace continues to grow at an exponential pace. Embracing BYO and developing mobile applications to improve business processes can be a great advantage. Yet, with these mobility initiatives comes a vast attack surface for cybercriminals who are increasingly sophisticated.

Existing network security solutions lack the visibility needed to protect mobile devices once they leave the corporate network. Signature-based technology can’t keep pace or protect against unknown or dynamic threats. Any single attack can result in a security breach that compromises an organization’s data, assets and brand.

With more business being conducted on the go, outside of the office, or on cellular and Wi-Fi networks, organizations need a new approach that strikes a better balance between increasing business productivity and securing mobile devices.

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Revolutionary Mobile Threat Protection

Over the past several years the security experts at Zimperium have developed zIPS™ with its z9™ engine, a revolutionary cyberattack defense engine that uses machine learning to dynamically detect network, device and application threats on mobile devices. z9™ was developed from the ground up for mobile to combat the unique challenges of protecting iOS and Android devices. z9™ runs efficiently on smartphones or tablets, without violating user privacy or introducing latency.

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Whole Device Monitoring

Unlike other threat detection systems, the Zimperium zIPS™ solution monitors the entire mobile device for malicious behavior regardless of the attack entry point. It does much more than scanning apps, and does not rely on signatures. This approach is immune to evasion techniques such as polymorphic malware, virtual machine awareness, download and execute techniques or binary obfuscation and allows Zimperium to find and protect against both known and unknown threats.

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Advanced Threat Warning Sensors

Like Tsunami buoys that alert you to an oncoming tidal wave, z9™ mobile sensors alert the Security Officer to attacks occurring on mobile devices inside and outside the corporate network, and prevents one compromised device from turning into a wider outbreak within the enterprise. The more sensors you have, the better visibility you have into both mobile and non-mobile threats.

The modern mobile threat landscape changes by the hour and requires continuous, on-device protection to safeguard users in an unobtrusive way – without impacting productivity or violating user privacy.

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