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Source: zNetwork Global Threat Intelligence

BYOD Changes the Security Landscape for Enterprises

The explosion of mobile devices has changed not only the way people live and work – but how hackers attack. It’s estimated that cyber-attacks will cost the global economy three trillion in lost productivity growth by 2020. The sophistication and continuous evolution of advanced threats is a serious problem for modern enterprises. Mobile malware, malicious apps, targeted attacks on iOS and Android devices are introducing new challenges for IT security. Advanced techniques, such as polymorphic engines or runtime binary encryption, can easily evade traditional signature-based security methods like AV, and compromise a mobile device.

Existing security solutions designed for the desktop lack visibility to mobile traffic and are easily compromised by targeted attacks. Current enterprise mobility solutions, mobile management systems and mobility services are not designed to secure mobile devices against advanced threats. With more business being conducted on the go, outside of the office, on cellular and WiFi networks than ever before, organizations need a new approach that strikes a better balance between enabling productivity and securing mobile devices for business.

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Revolutionary Mobile Threat Defense

The security experts at Zimperium developed z9, a revolutionary cyberattack defense engine that uses heuristics to dynamically detect advanced host and network-based attacks on mobile devices, like iPhones, Androids, iPads and more. z9 provides unparalleled coverage and visibility to advanced threats, and most importantly provides new insight to what attacks are occurring on mobile devices – an unknown territory until now.

z9 Engine

z9 Engine

The z9 Engine monitors the whole device for malicious behavior regardless of the malware entry point (not just scanning mobile apps) without reliance on signatures (AV technology). This approach is immune to evasion techniques such as polymorphic engines, virtual machine awareness, download & execute payload or binary obfuscation and allows Zimperium to find and protect against both known and unknown threats.

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Advanced Threat Warning Sensors

Like Tsunami buoys that alert you to an oncoming tidal wave, z9 mobile sensors alert the Security Officer to mobile attacks happening both inside and outside of the corporate network, and prevents one compromised iOS or Android device from turning into a wider outbreak within the enterprise.

The modern mobile threat landscape changes by the hour and requires continuous, on device protection to protect users in an unobtrusive way - without impacting productivity or violating user privacy.

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