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Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world’s leading research and advisory company. Gartner was one of the first analyst firms to recognize the need for enterprise mobile security, dubbing the market “mobile threat defense”. MTD solutions are compliments to mobile device management (MDM) / enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions.

We realize that navigating all of the content produced by Gartner can be daunting, so we want to help. If you are charged with creating your enterprise’s mobile security strategy, we recommend the following Gartner publications. If you have questions or would like further recommendations, please contact us.

“Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions”

(August 2017; Document #G00314969; Analyst(s): Dionisio Zumerle, John Girard)

Introduction: “The signs are clear that mobile threats can no longer be ignored. Security and risk management leaders must familiarize themselves with mobile threat defense solutions and plan to gradually integrate them to mitigate mobile risks.”

Zimperium Rationale for Inclusion: Written by the main MTD analysts in Gartner’s IT Leaders team, the Market Guide is the annual document covering the broad landscape of MTD approaches and solutions. It provides a thirty-thousand-foot view of the whole forest, including companies that can provide even one part of device, network, malicious app detection or vulnerability assessments.

“Comparison of Mobile Threat Defense Solutions”

(July 2018; Document #G00347528; Analyst(s): Patrick Hevesi, Michael Isbitski)

Introduction: “Over the last few years, there has been a growth in mobile security vendors, and Gartner has identified a new market segment, mobile threat defense. Technical professionals can use this research to evaluate the effectiveness of different mobile threat defense solutions.”

Zimperium Rationale for Inclusion: Written by the main MTD analysts in the Gartner Technical Professionals (GTP) team (originally began with the acquisition of The Burton Group), the annual Comparison document “dives down into some of the leading MTD vendors and provides technical assessment against the main capabilities in both stand-alone and fully managed scenarios.” It is a detailed analysis that should be used as a guide, since there are some issues with the scoring as the authors caution: “There is no weighting of the criteria. It will be up to each organization to review the results… to determine relevance to your company.”

“Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management Tools”

(July 2018; Document #G00354834; Analyst(s): Chris Silva, Rich Doheny, Bryan Taylor, Rob Smith, Manjunath Bhat)

Introduction: “UEM refers to a new class of tools that can act as a single management interface for mobile, PC and other devices. I&O leaders should expect and plan to replace enterprise mobility management and client management tools with UEM to support modern OSs.”

Zimperium Rationale for Inclusion: Traditionally, leading mobile threat defense solutions have been integrated into enterprise mobility management (EMM) / mobile device management (MDM) solutions. For example, Zimperium is the only solution that includes multiple EMMs into a single console, and we are also the only one that has integrated our technology directly into an EMM endpoint agent, as the report mentions: “MobileIron Threat Defense is a new SKU that bundles the Zimperium SDK for threat detection capabilities as part of the MobileIron agent to allow real-time detection and remediation.”

The “Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management Tools” is the first such MQ document, replacing the previous “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites” documents, such as the last one published in June, 2017 (Document #G00311193). A complete enterprise mobile security strategy will integrate MTD with (now) UEM solutions.

“Predicts 2018: Infrastructure Protection”

(November 2017; Document #G00343348; Analyst(s): Lawrence Orans, John Girard, Adam Hils, Greg Young, Dionisio Zumerle, Jeremy D’Hoinne, Earl Perkins, Mark O’Neill, Toby Bussa)

Introduction: “Gartner is seeing advances in endpoint protection, upsurges in mobile malware, expanding attack vectors and API abuse, and steady concerns over data protection. To respond to these developments, security and risk management leaders should consider revising practices or purchasing new services.”

Zimperium Rationale for Inclusion: Mobile devices are endpoints and need to be protected as such. Gartner’s 2018 prediction document rightly includes many thoughts on the need to provide mobile security. For example, the document states that “User interactions with social media and mobile devices represent a porous engagement layer, where sensitive data can be exposed by simple carelessness.” And, “By 2019, mobile malware will amount to one-third of total malware reported in standard tests, up from 7.5% today.”

All of these documents can be accessed by Gartner clients at

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