Modern Mobile Threat Landscape - Network and Host

Delivering adequate cyber security in today's increasingly mobile world is complex. Securing mobile devices presents unique challenges not previously faced before – and pits business security needs against individual user’s privacy concerns. The modern mobile threat landscape changes by the hour and requires continuous, on device protection to protect users in an unobtrusive way - without impacting productivity or violating user privacy.

This Modern Mobile Threat Landscape whitepaper highlights a number of attack vectors that specifically target mobile devices. Written by mobile security experts, the paper outlines fundamental techniques used by attackers to compromise mobile devices and highlights the failures of legacy mobile security solutions.

  • Enterprises are struggling to adopt a mobile threat defense posture
  • Security Administrators need a way to quickly assess, monitor and automate preventative mobile security measures
  • Legacy mobile security solutions designed for the desktop lack visibility to mobile traffic and are easily compromised by cyberattacks.
  • Current mobile device management systems and mobility services are not designed to secure mobile devices against advanced threats.

Organizations need a new approach that strikes a better balance between enabling productivity and securing mobile devices for business.

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